Adam Azzaro

Born: Sydney on 11 November 1990

Aged: 24 years

Service Details

Private burial will be held

The Story

Adam was full of life. He loved making others laugh and smile. His hobbies where playing with his guitar, singing, working out, and playing with his niece and nephew. Adam lived life as full as he could. He fought everyday for the ones he loved. He was often the guy who could make us both laugh and cry. Not a day went by where he didn't check to see how our day was, even if he was having a horrible day. Adam was beyond gifted with his words, his writing, his love. He was an old soul, a soldier. Many times he'd do the randomest things to put a smile on your face. He was a jokester with a big heart. All his life he searched for fulfillment, something to complete him. Something to make him feel alive. He found that in music and nature. He got lost in the lyrics and moonlight. It was his serenity. As a kid he'd sit in his room and listen to Nirvana. He was obsessed with Kurt Cobain. As he grew up he always said how Kurt's lyrics were real and he understood why he was in so much pain. His music taste varied once he got his voice. Every song he sang, he sang with passion and pain. Adam used to wake up at 4am just to watch the sunrise. Once it did he'd stay up to watch Spongebob. It was one of his favorite shows. He was still growing up. He lived with the mindset of a solider and the heart of a kid.
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