Adenike Aduke Iyinolakan

Aged: 61 years

Funeral Date: 27 July 2018

Service Details

Service of Songs - Sunday, 22nd July 2018
Ebenezer Baptist Church
50A Campbell Street, Lagos

Wake - Thursday, 26th July 2018
Bolounduro House, Igbaja, Kwara State.

Funeral Service - Friday, 27th July 2018
Baptist Church, Igbaja, Kwara State
10 am

The Story

Adenike Bibitayo Oyinlade Aduke Iyinolakan (Nee Ogundipe) was born on the 6th day of June in 1957 to the family of Late Pa Ogundipe Alatishe of Ile Alagbede, Oyan in Osun state and Alhaja Olorunkemi of Olowe in Erin-ile, Kwara state. Adenike had numerous siblings on both sides of her family tree but was the "only child" of both parents.

Adenike's primary education was in far flung Azare in Bauchi state where she grew up and secured admission into Federal Government College, Odogbolu in Ogun state where she loved the long train rides from Bauchi to the west.

After her secondary education, she returned to the north for a brief stint in nursing at the Nursing School, Bauchi at the behest of her successful merchant mother, this wouldn't last long as her aversion to blood and human remains caused her to drop out. She then enrolled to pursue a passion of hers in homemaking and catering at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida in central Nigeria. While in Bida, she made lifelong friends in Agnes "Aunty Agie" Oriaran and Funmi "Mummy Dayo" Dada , friends who will become family and affect the course of each other's lives long into the future.

After her education at Bida, Nike worked in communications at Radio Kwara, Ilorin after which she ventured into business which she did for 30 odd years. While living in Ilorin she met Joseph Iyinolakan, a businessman who saw and fell for her and after a couple of months, they got married in December of 1984.

Adenike moved to Lagos where her husband lived to start the rest of her life. In May of 1985, the had a boy, Olawale Olamide and in August of the next year, they had a beautiful baby girl, Oladoyin Omosolape. The chubby giant, Olayinka Oluwadamilola, came after another 3 years in July of ‘89. Though Adenike had 3 biological children, she looked after 11 all of which were hers because they were all Joseph's and she showered love upon every one of them, seeing them through; school, marriages, child births and crucial phases of their lives.

A kind and caring mother and philanthropist, Adenike's love reached out to nephews, nieces, even strangers, both from a distance and close quarters, often bringing them into her own home and raising them as her own. Maybe due to being an "only child", Nike had a warm and lovely aura, attracting genuine love, from the love of her husband and children to good friends,and that of strangers, domestic staff and this love burns wildly in their hearts till this day.

Raised as Afusat in the muslim household of her devout mother, she was always curious about Christ, eventually got baptized, took the name Eunice and worked devotedly for Christ at Ebenezer Baptist Church where she served as the secretary and later as President of Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) as well as in other capacities over decades.

A dedicated wife, in 2014, Adenike moved to Igbaja, Kwara state, with her husband of 30 years, when he retired to live and run Claypot Guest House which she turned into a warm and classy melting pot for locals. Intentional about her life in every way, she lived life on her own terms, loved devotedly, raised her children firmly, gave of herself graciously and she sacrificed willfully.

Adenike Aduke loved to sing, smile, dance and entertain guests even though she had a fairly shy personality. She had a curious mind hence she read a lot, remembered everyone's birthday like a calendar, liked learning about new gadgets, was enamored with facebook, was frequent on instagram, and could kill you with Whatsapp broadcasts. She loved traveling and learning about other cultures and was good with languages, often making witful mimicry of speakers of other languages.

Fondly called Grandma Luwa-luwa or Grandma Igbaja by her numerous grandchildren, Adenike slept in the Lord after a valiant battle with illness on Monday, 9th July 2018 surrounding by her husband and children. She lived a complete life, affecting lives aplenty and leaving a positive legacy.
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She is not just beautiful outwardly, She is very beautiful at Heart ♥, Adieu mummy

Babasola Vaughan


The Strife is Over

Doyin A. shared a video.


You will live forever in my heart Mum!

Doyin A.