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This memorial was created in honor of Ambassador Victor Adegoroye [A Career Diplomat who served as Nigeria's former Ambassador to Ethiopia and Representative to the African Union (AU)]. He was born on March 1, 1925 and passed on April 1, 2018. Ambassador Victor Adegoroye was loved by many and will be dearly missed by family and friends.

His life and times:

1934-1937: Houseboy to Mr. Fayose, headmaster of Barnabas School, Ilorin
1938-1941: Attended St David's Primary School,Akure
1942-1945: Attended Christ School Ado Ekiti, passed Cambridge School Certificate with exemption from London Matriculation
1946-1951: Worked in the Western Civil Service as 3rd and 2nd Class Clerk
1951- Proceeded to England
1952-1953: Attended Regent Street Polytechnic London and passed what was then known as Preliminary (a requirement for entrance to University)
1953-1956: Attended London School of Economics (London University) and came out with B.Sc Economics Honors
Until 1954, when the Western Region gave him a scholarship, he was working as a Porter in Euston Station London (11:30pm- 07:30am) and attending School full time

On return to Nigeria in 1956, he joined the Western Civil Service as Administrative Officer. Victor Adegoroye worked as assistant district officer in Auchi (Edo State) and Ijebu-Remo (Ogun State) from where he was transferred to the foreign Service in 1959.

Ambassador Victor Adegoroye was posted with other new recruits to London for training by the Commonwealth office. He learnt German and was sent to Bad-Aibling in Bavaria to learn the language. He was also attached to the British Embassy in Copenhagen (Denmark) for Six Months.

In 1960, he returned from London and was posted to Accra Ghana. From there, he was posted (1961) to open Nigerian Embassies in Bon (then Capital of Western Germany) and Moscow capital of the Soviet Union).

He came back to headquarters in 1963 where he worked as Head of Africa Department and head of Political Department.

In 1967, he was posted to Ghana as High Commissioner.

In 1971, he returned to Lagos and was seconded to the Federal Ministry of trade as Permanent Secretary.

In 1973- he was appointed as Ambassador to Ethiopia where he stayed until 1975 when he retired from Civil Service. On retirement, he formed a Construction Company (Rosular Nigeria Limited).

Some of the Jobs of the firm included:
- 6 Houses in Festac Town
- The residence of the Commissioner of Police Akure
- Police houses in Ado-Ekiti
- Military Barracks in Okitipupa, Ondo State.

Ambassador Victor Adegoroye will be dearly missed by family and friends.
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The news of Daddy's demise came like it never really happened. He was in every sense a Diplomat to the core, always ready to entertain and very hospitable, a good listener and without any doubt, a blessed man. At the tender age of 90+ he had an amazing strength and full of life. Just remembering how gallantly he walked his Princess Vivian down to the Alter to be given in marriage to Tayo only last October must have been one of the greatest moments for him. We love you and wish we could all still have you be with us for much longer.
May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Mrs.Funto Sonaiya

Funto Sonaiya


My dear husband,

Words cannot describe how great a loss your passing is. Nor can words describe how wonderful and loving a partner you have been.

I will miss you dearly but I know that God has taken you to a better place.

Thank you for being the most wonderful husband, father and friend. Rest in perfect peace.

Love you always,

Lizzy adegoroye



I still cannot believe the news of your passing. You are going to be sorely missed.

You are a good man and an example to all of us. You worked very hard and built yourself up from hard and humble beginnings to the man you are today. You have always been supportive and understanding which made you a great father.

You did the best you could for everyone around you, especially your family. We are extremely grateful for you.

Rest in perfect peace Dad. I love you.

Your son,
Victor Junior

victor adegoroye junior


My darling Daddy,

It has been difficult trying to write a tribute to you because in my heart I do not think there are any words that can describe how wonderful you are, how much I love you or how much I am going to miss you. No tribute can do justice to who you are and the impact you have had on all of us. Instead, I want to say thank you for being a perfect father. I really do mean perfect! You have been much more than I could have ever asked for. I feel so blessed and privileged that such a great and wonderful man is my Daddy! You have always made me feel so loved and that feeling still has not wavered, even today. I know it never will.

Thank you for everything you have taught me. You have taught me to be self sufficient, hardworking and motivated. Thank you for teaching me to love myself and not covet what anyone else has. You have made me more than content with the woman your influence has helped me become today. Thank you for teaching me how to love others unconditionally and that patience is a virtue. Thank you for teaching me how important it is to have a relationship with God and how all things come from God.

Thank you for staying with us for so long and walking me down the aisle! 93 is just phenomenal! God just favours you so much! You walked so fast that I had to keep up!! Thank you for dancing with me! I will never forget how we danced. I cried like a baby and you had the most beautiful smile that day. I also remember how you smiled at my Introduction. Thank you for always entertaining my bad jokes and for letting me call you “Gugu” no matter how old I am. Thank you for always entertaining my silly behaviour and letting me jump over the couch to kiss you. Thank you for playing the hand slapping game with me - I really still don’t understand how you always won. Thank you for always providing for us and never letting me lack. There is nothing in this world I have wanted that you haven’t given me. Thank you for never letting me down. Thank you for putting me through school, university, my masters and my LPC! You just keep giving. Thank you for making sure that I will always be able to stand on my two feet!

Thank you for giving me permission to be myself. You have never made me hide who I am no matter how opinionated I am! Thank you for not judging me and for always making me feel precious. Thank you for getting me music and piano lessons! Thank you for listening to me sing the same song over and over again because I would always get the piano accompaniment wrong! Thank you for making me feel appreciated. Thank you for helping me find my purpose.

Daddy, I am just so grateful for who you are. I pray that Tayo and I grow up to be like you. I pray that we have your heart and that we are as patient as you. I pray that we have a long and happy marriage like you and mummy! That we are life partners and always enjoy each other’s company! I cannot even begin to talk about how kind you are and how you were always considering those who were in need. I have heard so many stories and seen on many occasions your endless kindness. No matter what you had, you always gave. Thank you for teaching me the importance of kindness and empathy. Thank you for teaching me that it is important to forgive and move on.

Thank you for giving me strength to get through this challenging period. I know that God and you are holding me up. I pray that Tayo & I age like you and that we are as strong, and healthy as you are. You never taught me to give up so we will not give up now.

Thank you for teaching me the Lord’s Prayer. I remember how small I was when you would tuck me into bed pray with me. I also remember how, without fail, the first thing you would do every morning is read your devotional and bibles passages. I will never let your legacy be forgotten and I will inspire people with stories about you.

I find peace in the fact that God took you home peacefully. God loves you so much that He called you Home. I wish you were still here but God knows best. I know that I will see you again in heaven soon because God promises it and God does not lie. You are just sleeping peacefully now. I pray that you visit me in my dreams every night.

I honour you not only because you are my father but because you are a phenomenal man! Your light shines so bright! If Tayo and I become half of the person you are, we will have done great things in this life.

I will not let you down Gugu. You will always live in my heart and in my thoughts. I pray that everything I do in this life honours you and God.

May God comfort all of us who are mourning and mend our broken hearts, in Jesus name, amen.

I love you with all my heart and everything that is in me! This is not a goodbye but a see you soon!

Your princess,

Vivian Adegoroye


Hard to put into words the effect you've had on my life by being Vivian's father. Since meeting Vivian, you and mummy also became my surrogate parents standing in whenever my parents are away. Thank you for being such an amazing father to the both of us and teaching us important life lessons particularly on faith and forgiveness. Your legacy lives on through all of your children especially Vivian who is very much like you in character. Sleep peacefully Daddy Adegoroye, we will all take care of mummy and I will take care of my "twin" Vivian.

Benita Ogbodo


Olutayo Sonaiya


I first met Daddy Adegoroye at Vivian’s niece’s traditional wedding in Lagos in December 2015. Vivian and I had just started dating then and we were initially seated on different tables to Vivian’s parents. He was part of the family members participating in the ceremony and we were further back which I was very happy with. Vivian then found the right time for us to go and greet him and Mummy Adegoroye. My plan was simple, meet and greet Vivian’s parents and race back to our seats! I was intimidated by his presence and wasn’t as composed as I would have liked greeting him for the first time. Immediately after meeting him space was created for Vivian and I to sit on the same table as him and I prayed to God to give me wisdom not to say or do anything embarrassing. God heard my prayers and from the first time we met our relationship grew very quickly and he made me feel welcome from that point on.

I had the privilege of spending time with Daddy Adegoroye and I can only describe him as a God fearing distinguished gentleman, the definition of humility in spite of having the kind of highly successful career that many would shout about from any available rooftop. He was a man of principle and believed in the virtues of hard work paying off and staying on the straight and narrow path against all odds.

He was very kind and always warm to me. Throughout our wedding preparations he was actively involved in every aspect of the planning process when he didn’t need to be. He did everything in his power to make our wedding the glorious and most memorable occasion that it was and I thank you Sir for that.

Age was only a number for him it was never a barrier mentally or physically. I would argue he was as fit as me at my age! I was amazed at how strong he was and how in fantastic shape he was.

We had many insightful conversations over Commodore specials (his cocktail of choice) about Nigeria as we both shared an Economics background and he told many stories about his experiences working in the Ministry of Trade in the 60s if memory serves me correctly and I was fascinated by his diplomatic journey and where his work took him. He also had a great sense of humour which only made him more human and endearing.

Most important to me is he gave me the best and most precious gift that I could ever receive by giving me his blessing to marry his daughter my beautiful and wonderful wife Vivian which I will forever be indebted to him for.

His laughter was contagious and I am glad that he had cause to laugh and experience joy up until God called him home to be with Him in heaven.

You will be sorely missed Daddy Adegoroye I love you, I thank you for everything you did for Vivian and I and I will continue to take the responsibility you placed on me very seriously to love and protect Vivian and be there for Mummy Adegoroye, my siblings in law and the family. May God welcome you with open arms and may your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus Name Amen

Olutayo Sonaiya


This is to commensurate with the Ambassador Adegoroye family especially the loving children for the transition of their beloved Patriach at the ripe age of 93yrs May the Lord receive his soul AMEN @ Moni Ajao ( Elegbe)

Monisola Ajao


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