Anastasijara Alamenca Florecita Van Komen

Born: New Plymouth on 18 April 1998

Aged: 17 years

Funeral Date: 22 January 2016

Service Details

The funeral service will be held from 2:00PM to 4:00PM.
A reception will be held after the service until 6:00PM.
Burial will be at a later date.

Funeral Company

James R Hill Funeral Directors

The Story

Anastasijara was a beautiful soul who is loved by many. She was my daughter, a sister to Maribel, an aunt to Paulito Jr, and a companion to Adela.
She had beautiful long hair and a ton of freckles. She was sweet to all she knew, and she was a great friend.
She had a big heart and she loved animals. She one day wanted to establish a Pet Rescue foundation. She enjoyed collecting crystals and often talked about which ones she wanted to add to her collection. She was a joy to many and a positive impact.
She spoke English Spanish and Welsh and was talented at singing.
Unfortunate her life was cut short due to mental illness depression and schizophrenia. Many did not know what she was dealing with including her family and friends.
All of the darkness she was feeling is gone now, and she is finally at peace.
Sija is survived by half-sister Maribel, and nephew Paulito Jr.
We all love her very much and wish we could talk to her one last time.

Any images, video, music or story you have of Sija would be much appreciated. They can be submitted here on this page or emailed to me at [email protected]

Pardon if theres any grammar errors, English is my 2nd language, please message corrections if I need to make anymore.
-Paulito Gomez, Father to Anastasijara.

International Suicide Hotline -

We are donating to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation at
We recommend donations so that others may have the chance that Sija and other didn't get.

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Please accept my condolences. Death is something that stings for a lifetime. That's why God has promised to rid the earth of death and all its painful effects forever.-Revelation 21:4. One day in the near future no one will ever have to worry about burying their loved ones again. No more sickness or crying because of pain or painful things. Everyone will live under peaceful conditions right here on earth. If you would like to learn if your loved ones will ever live again, please visit Look up the Bible tract entitled "Can the dead really live again?" Please read this along with your copy of the Bible. I hope it leaves you refreshed and gives you sure hope for the future.

Chevelle Busby


My beautiful daughter, our life was very tough and I wish I had prepare you more for the world. I love you and will never forget you my angel. Eres parte de mi corazon y alma y nunca voy a olvidar.

Paulito Gomez