Ann Simons

Born: Chicago on 27 June 1964

Passed away: Northlake on 14 February 2016

Aged: 51 years

Funeral Date: 04 March 2016

Service Details

Ann Simons, 52, passed away peacefully on the morning of Valentine's Day. She was a wonderful person all around and her whole life. Funeral will be on March 4, 2016 at the Humes Funeral Home in Addison, IL.

Funeral Company

Humes Funeral Home

The Story

Ann Simons, 52, died peacefully Valentine's Day morning due to heart issues. She's had multiple heart and leg surgeries throughout the past five years before her death. She was survived by her son, Jack and daughter, Jessica. She had been married to Wayne, 57, for 35 years. Ann was a bright woman, with lots of intelligence and a sense of humor. She knew how to make everyone laugh around her and always knew how to lift a spirit when they were down. She had five grandkids; Leo, Marianne, Melissa, Jennipher and Sandy.

Ann Simons was born in Chicago, IL to Lucille and Richard Simons. She has a sister, Bernadette and brother, Samuel. She had 2 kids, Jessica and Jack. Ann grew up around the west side of Chicago, graduated from Foreman High School and got married at 14 to Wayne Simons Sr. She was a wonderful mother, grandma and friend to everyone.
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