Born: Oklahoma City on 10 March 1962

Passed away: Detroit on 10 November 2015

Aged: 53 years

Service Details

Tony did not want anyone to grieve for him and wanted people to celebrate his good times. He did not want to be at a funeral home and wanted a party instead, so we gave him 2! :)

He volunteered at a church by his house so we'll have dinner and drinks there this Saturday and then any leftover food will be donated to them for their homeless feeding on Sunday. We'll then have a memorial service for him the following Saturday to bless his ashes, have a dinner immediately following, and will donate the following Sunday again.

Please feel free to bring any items you feel may help those in need and make any donations to his church directly.

Details so far are as follows:
Saturday 11/14 from 4-8 pm
St Peter and Paul Hall
3700 Gilbert
Detroit, MI 48210
There is plenty of street parking including the church parking lot a short walk away. 1 block west of Livernois; 2 blocks south of Michigan Avenue)

Saturday 11/21 from 4-5pm
Most Holy Trinity Church
1050 Porter Street
Detroit MI 48226
(1 block west of the Lodge; 4 blocks south of Michigan Avenue)

Saturday 11/21
Dinner to follow mass,
location will be updated asap.

The Story

Antonio De La Rosa Jr, "Tony" 53, a beloved son, brother, husband and father passed from cancer on November 10, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. He was born in Oklahoma City and lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and his favorite, San Diego, California (enter lyrics to "Hotel California" that was one of his favorite songs).

Tony’s life was filled with passion for living and being free-- he lived a hard life, but his positive spirit and humor radiated through these times and his smile still lit up a room ever since he was a little boy. He had a passion for taking care of people, and was even a lifeguard at the age of 6 where he attended the Hall of Divine Child Military Academy until he was 12. Constantly on-the-move, Tony lived his life to the fullest through exploring the country, his talent as a musician, and his desire to help everyone around him. He was in several bands throughout his life and music and fishing were his passions.

Tony's creative talent and natural tendencies to help others when he could turned him to God and he helped his neighborhood with community projects -- from building homes for neighbors, to feeding the homeless, to keeping the grounds beautiful at his local church and "jamming" on his guitar for them. His beautiful voice lifted people's souls and took all of the bad away.

Tony's love will live on through his mother Virginia Rodriguez, his stepfather George Rodriguez, his son Antonio De La Rosa III, his wife Veronica and his two granddaughters, Belle Eden, Callie Lane, Tony's wife Denise De La Rosa, his stepchildren, Michael, Jessica, Michelle and his half brothers and sisters Alisa Rodriguez, Penny (Roel) De La Rosa Alaniz, Rene (Isabel) De La Rosa and Joe Michael De La Rosa. He is preceded in death by his father Tony de la Rosa Sr. and will be forever remembered by his extended family both of blood, friends and community.

We are truly blessed to have shared a loving and adventurous life with Tony. Please share your fondest memories below.

Thank you for all the prayers and in lieu of flowers please make donations to his favorite charity to feed the homeless -
Light a Candle

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Here we all are to visit our cousin who went to military school. Boy were we ever excited to see you in your very professional uniform! The Kauffman kids were also there that day. I think it was a field day full of military type marching and drills. I remember it as a fun day with my cousins!

Jeanette Czmyr shared a photo.


Here is a picture of me and Tony when were little. I think you can tell Tony was one of my first friends, much like most cousins begin. We grew up seeing each other frequently. Then as time passes and eventually, we all grow into our adult lives we didn't see each other as much anymore, except at family gatherings. I'm praying for peace for your mom. She is a very devoted and loving mother. I'm sure she is suffering. I'm so very sorry you suffered at the end of your life. I pray you found the peace you always searching for. I pray we all do.

Jeanette Czmyr shared a photo.


My youngest memory of you was you giving me jalepenos because I swore they were pickles (lesson learned.) Then I remember your genius idea of babysitting me (putting me on top of the fridge because I was scared of heights, kudos btw LOL!) then I remember you bringing your beautiful son so us...I cherished him as my own. Although I've seen your demise, for some reason I always forgave you, because I know you had a good heart, you just had a demon overcome you. I want to thank you for holding on for me to come apologize to you. I know you know I love you til the end and after, and I want you to know that I forgive you and I'm very proud of you and everything you did with the church. I love you Tony and I'm sorry you suffered but am happy to see you go with God. I'll already feel and have seen your know I know you're here....just watch over mom and make sure she's ok. Love you always no matter what. - LuLu

Virginia Rodriguez