Augusta Akua Sena Gabianu

Born: Kpando on 28 August 1940

Passed away: Accra on 14 November 2015

Aged: 75 years

Funeral Date: 22 January 2016

Service Details

Madam Augusta Sena Gabianu was laid to rest in her hometown of Agbenoxoe (Agbe-nor-where) on Saturday, 23rd January, following a pre-burial mass held at the Christ the King Catholic Church in Cantonments, Accra on Friday, 22nd January. A thanksgiving/memorial service was held the following Sunday, 31 January at Christ the King, followed by a lunch in her garden at Lalibela Cottage. All events were very well attended. Our entire family is extremely appreciative of all those who came to honor her.

The Story



Thank you for visiting this tribute page, created in loving memory of Madam Augusta Sena Gabianu by Kelly Henderson. Dela and I attended the same university and we were roommates for two years. Also, Dela is the godmother of my four children.

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May the God of all comfort, comfort you and your family during this time of sadness. Death is something unnatural, it was never in God's original purpose. It was the disobedience of Adam and Eve towards God law. This is what brought death and all of its effects upon mankind. But God has made a wonderful provision for all those who have fallen asleep in death, at John 5:28,29. God promises to resurrect all persons back to life. Just imagine your husband, father, and friend back in your arms once again. With no pain or sickness, new and young again. (Rev. 21:1-5) All in a beautiful paradise setting, planting flowers and playing with all types of animals. (Is. 65:17, 21-23) One day soon that will be a reality. If you would like to learn more on how you and your family can personally be there, please and look up the Bible tract "Can the dead really live again?" Please read this along with your copy of the Bible. May you fine comfort and hope.

Joseph Busby


TRIBUTE TO OUR FRIEND SENA GABIANU From Moise and Zeinabou Sonou It was the early eighties, one day in 1982 when we first met Sena Gabianu at the Hazounmè’s house. Moïse Sonou and Guy Hazounmè were staff members of the UN/FAO Regional Office for Africa. Sena was holding the high position of Chief Director of the Ministry of Agriculture. Ghana was experiencing the worst economic hardship in Sub-Saharan Africa. We became closer friends of Sena and her two daughters, Nina and Dela when the Sonou’s family moved to a Government bungalow on the 5th Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra in 1985. We were living a few houses apart. Very often, our children, particularly Ismaël and Mèdessè would sneak out of our house. We were not worried as we knew exactly where to trace them to. They loved the fufu meal they used to get at Auntie Sena’s place. Early 1990’s, the Sonous moved from Cantonments to Abelempe. Sena joined the World Bank in Washington D.C. Nina joined the University of Science and technology, Kumasi. Dela joined us and became a member of our family while attending French School, Roman Ridge, Accra. Late 1990’s, Sena returned to Africa and was stationed at the World Bank Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I still remember one of our discussions on the effectiveness and impact of the contribution of the UN Agencies and the World Bank on Africa’s development. That was during one of my field missions to Ethiopia. Not surprisingly, Sena had very strong but pertinent and responsible views on development issues. She had sailed through both national and international civil services, with high level responsibilities. We miss you Sena. We miss your very warm friendship. Why should you depart without notice? Rest in eternal peace!

Moise Sonou


George and I are saddened by your sudden departure. Indeed we were shocked to the core. Procrastination prevented us from visiting. If we had known we would have visited more often. We cherish coming your path through Dela. You brought up your daughter to care for other people. She was so helpful to me at Cornell, having decided to get a Master's degree at an advanced age. We also remember the surprise we got when my husband discovered the woman who had facilitated a scholarship so that he could study in the then Soviet Union at your 70th birthday celebration. You also provided advice that enabled us to secure a scholarship for our daughter in the UK. You'll forever be in our hearts. We'll never forget your goodness to us and pray that God will keep you in His mighty bosom till we meet again. Dayie, Auntie Sena.

George&Faustina Boakye


Dear Dela. Deepest condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May Mother rest in peace. Stay strong! You know she was proud of you and will be watching over you. Love, Nafi

Nafissatou Diop


To my dear sister, friend, confidant and Believer in the power of Christ, I love and miss you! You have been a transformative force for good in my life and in the lives of so many people. During my darkest hour you nurtured my soul with love. I am eternally grateful for you and the special relationship that we shared. I would travel around the world to be graced by your presence one more time. I miss your boisterous and contagious laugh always accompanied by a backward tilt and a knee slap. I miss your radiant smile and finger pointing. I miss your quick witted retorts and keen thoughts. You were smarter than most but made everyone feel empowered. You lived with a rare moral compass and never turned your back on family, friends and most importantly, Africa. You always represented Africa with dignity, truth and passion. You embodied and in many ways redefined the true essence of the African woman. Sena, you were and are a pioneer that broke the glass ceiling for African women for over five decades. You dared to dream and walked in faith never doubting God’s greatness or his purpose for you. Who has a bigger heart than you? Who sacrificed more for her children than you? Who modeled excellence more than you? Who loved the disadvantaged and disenchanted more than you? I miss our conversations and the wisdom you always imparted. I miss our quite moments of observation from garden homes in Addis Ababa to Chicago high-rises and botanical gardens in Aburi. You lived Pan-Africanism hosting my African-American law students for over a decade introducing them to the best of African culture and themselves. Your legacy is measured by the hundreds of souls that you invested in with love, grace and mercy. If the world had your heart war and poverty would be replaced with peace and abundance. If the world had your spirit love would supplant hate and every child would live in a loving home. If the world had your conviction for equality every woman would live in parity with men. Sena, the world is better because you dared to live. I am grateful to God for your life and humbled by the many was that you enriched mine. I will always love you. Jeremy I. Levitt

Jeremy Levitt


Aunty Sena , I met you for a short while but felt like I knew you for longer. Your kindness and generosity towards me and the Zambian entourage during Dela's wedding was just so so rare. You touched my heart without even knowing. Im grateful to have know you for just that moment and believe you are now with the angles in heaven. Dela my sister be at peace because mama lived and lived life to the full. She played her designated role on this earth and that you should be very very proud to have been chosen as her daughter. Know that her heart and kindness lives in you. All my love. Chi

Chipo Zulu


My deepest condolences, Dela, to you and your family for your great loss. May you all find peace and comfort during this time. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi Undie


Tribute to Auntie Sena by Tim Quashigah In mid-July 1996 (nearly 2 decades ago), tragedy brought me a fortune. This may sound strange, or silly, or even stupid. Rationally speaking, this may be unjustifiable. For, how on earth could the tragedy of one be the fortune of another? But that was it. I had not known Auntie Sena before then. Neither had I heard about her not even from the sister, Kate, with whom I have had some association in Ho. Florence, (Sister Kate’s daughter, and niece to Auntie Sena) had passed on at the time. I was one of the many mourners who had gathered to commiserate with the Gabianu and allied families in their moment of grief. Somehow, Auntie Sena couldn’t escape the attention of anyone present at the funeral. She was literally a significant entity, impossible not to sight. And so during the proceedings, I got introduced to Auntie Sena. I had no clue what fortune it was that was to smile on me for the many years to follow. Providentially – at least in my view – and however faulty such assessment might be – I had struck a chord with Auntie in very rare ways as my later visits to her home and family and interactions would prove. A striking feature of our interactions in later years was the extent to which she could sustain conversations in such ceaseless ways. I wondered how she kept us talking whatever, whichever, the topic, whenever I visited, or wherever we met. In many cases, I reckoned, she provided the much-needed encouragement and support no matter the circumstances. Not surprisingly, I clung to her as a cub would to the mother. In many ways, I held discussions with her regarding my course of life which was almost always important to her as though her life hinged on it. The last time – just the last time - when we met in her “cherished Lalibela Cottage home” during one of the daughters’ marriage ceremony, in typical fashion, she still ‘managed’ to ask what my current project was, the huge numbers of guests, regardless. You had better not see Auntie Sena if you had nothing you are working on, or working at. To her, you must always have one project or the other. She leapt for joy when I announced my project to her. As was characteristic of her, she gave me a pat on the shoulder, goading me on. Such was the character of this graceful woman we mourn today. It’s important to say that our paths were meant to cross in life. A few years ago, while a research intern at the Africa Security Dialogue and Research (ASDR), a think-tank in Accra, here again I met Auntie who was then a key member of the Governing Board. Given that the foci of ASDR are security and advocacy which she was passionate about, we had quite fruitful intellectual and nationally-relevant discussions bordering on human security, through national security to international diplomacy. Having worked with the World Bank previously, she brought professional perspectives which enriched our discussions at the private and corporate level. Sadly, I would miss all of that. Even more, I would miss her genuine counsel. Most importantly, I would miss her hearty laughter. Though it aches, I’m consoled she has “finished the race” with ace.

Timothy Quashigah


C'est avec une grande peine que nous avons appris le deuil qui frappe notre collègue et amie Dela. Dela, les moments passés avec toi (il est vrai, en majeure partie dans le cadre du travail, mais aussi des moments d'échange et d'amitié) sont toujours agréables, constructifs et d'une grande qualité. Telle mère, telle fille, dit-on. Cet adage, en plus des témoignages lus sur la vie et l'oeuvre de ta maman, nous montrent quelle belle personne elle était et comment elle a illuminé la vie de ceux qui ont eu la chance de la connaître. Nous nous associons à ta douleur et te présentons toutes nos condoléances. Tout en nous joignant à vos prières pour le repos de l'âme de notre Maman, nous te souhaitons à toi Dela, à ta famille et à tous tes proches, que Le Tout Puissant vous donne la force nécessaire pour accepter ce départ, et que votre foi vous soutienne afin que vous puissiez poursuivre son oeuvre et continuer à rendre témoignage de sa vie. Que Dieu accueille Maman dans Son Royaume éternel. Union de prières. Nathalie Sawadogo, Abdramane Soura et Yacouba Compaoré depuis l'Institut Supérieur des Sciences de la Population à Ouagadougou

nathalie sawadogo


Liebe Augusta, gestern warst du noch unter uns, gegenwärtig mit deinem Frohsinn, mit deinem Lachen, deiner ansteckenden Lebensfreude. Eine Frau und Mutter, die ihre Offenheit, ihre Hilfsbereitschaft ihren Rat immer bedingungslos geschenkt hat. Heute bist du nicht mehr unter uns, zumindest nicht leibhaftig. Schnell bist du von uns gegangen, viel zu schnell, für immer. Und doch, in unseren Herzen bleibst du unauslöschlich, verankert wie ein Schiff im Hafen, eingeschlossen wie ein Schatz im Schatzkästlein. Wir sind unendlich traurig, dass wir dich nicht mehr sehen, erleben, spüren können. Anselm Grün sagt, dass Trost von Treue komme, die bewirke innere Festigkeit. So wie du es immer getan hast, suchen und finden wir diese Treue in Gott, er gibt uns festen Boden unter den Füßen. Trost hat auch mit Trauen zu tun. Gottes Trost gibt uns das Vertrauen, indem er uns tröstet. Und so sehen wir dich bei Gott angelangt, geborgen in seinem Reich. Das ist uns Trost und lässt uns die Trauer um deinen irdischen Tod aushalten, überwinden. Herberta und Wilhelm Mauch Margareth Moser mit Familie Ralf Mauch und Barbara Monika Mauch - Mattes mit Familie Michaela Reichling mit Familie

Margareth Moser