Baby Moonbeam

Born: Glenwood, IL on 15 September 2020

Passed away: Harvey, IL on 05 November 2020

Aged: 1 months, 20 days

Funeral Date: 05 November 2020

Service Details

This is a memorial for my miscarried baby. The dates listed as life are the date conceived to the date of the death. Please help me in honoring my Baby Moonbeam which died in my tummy.

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The Story

My Baby Moonbeam. You were to be my June baby born to the moonstone. I loved you since I found out you were growing inside me. Know that I did everything I could to save you. I love you so much.
When the doctor said you weren't going to live my heart sank. I your mother (Angela Berkey) can take some solace in knowing that a part of you will always be with me. You are to be in heaven now with your Grandma Mimi and our other relatives that made the journey ahead of you. Know that they will love and play with you in the ways that I can't.
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This is when I found out I was pregnant with you. I was so happy.

Angela Berkey shared a photo.


I had a dream about you moonbeam. I was holding you and you were so pretty. I never knew I could love you so much without even knowing you.

Angela Berkey