Born: Taylor Michigan on 12 December 1979

Passed away: Richmond Virginia on 26 November 2015

Aged: 35 years

Funeral Date: 06 December 2015

Service Details

Ryan was a zealous and faithful servant of God and will be celebrated with a memorial service on:
Sunday Dec. 6, 2015 2pm- 5pm at the Lynch’s home
4325 Old Columbia Pike, Annandale VA 22003

Visiting/remembrance at 2:00 p.m.until the start of his memorial service at 3:00 p.m. Rev. Koetteritz will officiate.

Flowers may be sent to the attention of Laura Cirksena, 3491 Pence Ct. Annandale, VA 22003. The family requests that any pictures, memories, stories, verses, or quotes please be shared here.

The Story

Our beloved Ryan, having done all to stand during a long battle with cancer, has fallen asleep on Thursday, November 26, 2015, surrounded by his loving family and is now awaiting the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Ryan was born on December 12, 1979, the firstborn of Leroy Simi and Karen Patterson (Simi). He had three younger siblings and a nephew, who greatly loved and respected him: Alison Simi, Laura Cirksena, Scott Simi and Jude Cirksena. From his youth Ryan had a passion for truth and standing on God’s Word. Of his many attributes, Ryan was an amazing self-taught guitar player and loved Word-based music. Lyrics for one of his recent songs included: “I have the truth in my heart, the Word in my mind, I have the power I need, from my Lord Jesus Christ!” This truly exemplifies Ryan’s heart for God. Even when enduring life’s most difficult circumstances, he glorified God!

Ryan had a long suit in giving of his time and loved to teach and share God’s Word with anyone who would listen. He gave wise counsel to those with a heart to hear and learn. He loved to teach! Ryan’s life of service to God was cut short due to cancer, which he fought valiantly for many years. Before he became sick, Ryan had the joy to serve in the ministry he loved as a Way Disciple, a fellowship coordinator, and on staff at Headquarters. His passion was to do and stand on God’s Word.

Ryan was a very big part of the heart of his family. His love and heart, based on his knowledge and love of the Word, spread to all who knew him. We know we are not alone when we say how much we love him and how much we miss him. Thank God the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back, and we will all be together again. “Your life was such a blessing. Your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words. And missed beyond measure.” We love you, Ryan!
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Your pain is in my heart.May you find comfort in Revelation21:3,4-“and death will be no more......” .You are in my prayers.

lil rose


To the Simi Family: I feel so much for the pain that you're going through right now. I didn't have the privilege of knowing Ryan personally, but I could tell he was a thoughtful and admirable individual just by reading the loving tribute you all made for him. It's truly wonderful and honorable that he dedicated so much of his life to God. Unfortunately, death is the most painful for the loved ones that the deceased left behind. Nonetheless it's comforting to know that death will soon be eradicated. A verse that comforted me when my grandfather died is Isaiah 25:8 which says that God “will actually swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will certainly wipe the tears from all faces.” Through the Bible, God promises us that death will not be a permanent affliction for humans and we won't suffer from the pain associated with death either. A website that provides assuring information on this topic and about all the promises found in the Bible is I encourage you to give it a quick visit and I hope it can give you some comfort during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you all.

Addison Blythe


Ryan and I met shortly after moving to DC and soon became roommates and best friends. I'm not sure what I'll miss the most about Ryan, at a moments notice he could lose it in laughter at just about anything and that was often. His sense of humor was unique and unmatched and we definitely laughed a lot. He was by far one of the most talented musicians I've met and we spent endless hours playing guitar and trying to write songs; we even recorded a few by hanging a mic from the ceiling light in the living room. Looking back now, writing those fun songs has somehow turned into heartbreaking music. But there are things that happen in this world we'll never fully understand and at times like these I feel we should do what Ryan always did, turn towards the Word. The Word is God's greatest instrument and this is where Ryan excelled the most. He would speak the Word to anyone and everyone and he had such an understanding of the written scripture and knew how to apply it in all categories. I'm going to miss you, my friend, we all will, I look forward to the time when we all meet again. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to the Simi family, you are God's best

Jason Rock


Love you, Ryan. There were so many times when I remember getting a piece of good, solid wisdom from you - in a way in which only you could impart. You were such an example of God's good, easy going grace. Love you, Simi family. I'll be lifting that the Father heals your tender hearts a bit more each new day that brings you a little closer to seeing your Ryan again...

S Stone


Ryan and I became friends in Ohio and met up again in Florida where he stayed with my wife and me for a couple months. Prior to him staying with us my wife was struggling with a series of medical issues and her mom lost her own fight with cancer, and I was crippled by confusion and bitterness. In spite of being raised in the Word and numerous hours of study on the subject I had lost my spiritual integrity and allowed myself to be angry at God. Two days after Ryan moved in I was a new man and completely delivered. This was after he had kicked cancer’s ass in Ohio and he was in remission, and I couldn’t argue with his example. He didn’t reprove me by getting in my face or quoting scriptures about discipline. He just laughed. Through his example my bitterness gave way to laughter, and my wife found strength she never knew she had. I don’t know that I can handle being there on Sunday and sharing this with others. Ryan’s passing is so wrong and I’m not sure my words will be profitable. But I’m hoping whoever reads this can find comfort in the fact that Ryan most definitely earned eternal rewards for what he did for my wife and I, and I’ll always be thankful. Soon I’m sure I’ll again be able to follow Ryan’s example by shedding all frustration and be left only with an anticipation of seeing him again in heaven. What a great, great man!

Dan Schneider


Susan Cooper shared a video.


I met Ryan about 10 years ago at The Way International Headquarters. He was a kind young man, who always saw the best in others and truly loved God's Word. We had great discussions, and I enjoyed the love of music that he and his roommate David Green shared. We put together a little gathering in Founders Hall and Ryan sang the greatest song about speaking in tongues. Everybody wanted to get a copy of the lyrics, but he said he had written the song that morning and then inadvertently thrown it away. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime performance! I'll miss my sweet friend who always left me better than he found me and could always make me laugh. Love to all his family. We can have comfort knowing that we will see him again when Jesus Christ returns!

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This is a fantastic photo. Thanks David for sharing!

The Simi Family


Ryan has made a wonderfully huge impact in my life. When we both first started working on Staff at The Way International, we were roommates. Before I moved to headquarters, I was very shy and kind of a loner. He made it his mission to change that, constantly being my friend, helping me to get out of my shell, and just really turning my life around. We both played guitar and we spent time playing around and recording and coming up with ideas for songs. Ryan was such a giving person. He had so much Word in his heart and mind and he always gave, no matter what. Even when he first started his battle with cancer a year after we started working on Staff, we were working together to make a big concert at headquarters so that believer musicians could be able to give of their talents to bless the household. His passion for this was so great that even after he left headquarters, his passion inspired me to continue making this happen, and it did. Both my wife and I have had the great privilege to meet him and are sending prayers out to his family, believing with them for everything. The impact he has had, at least in my own life, is still with me today. He cared so much, and I am so thankful to him for that. I can’t wait for the return of Christ so that we can all be reunited again.

David Green


My heart goes out to the entire family, friends, and those who knew what a special person Ryan was and what a difference he made in this world with his love for God, his tender heart, his bright personality and quick wit. Most especially Ryan was special because of his faithful stand and willingness to give. Our prayers go out to those grieving for healing and peace during this time. He will be missed.

Brad Bailey