Berlester Dinnerson

Born: Rowland on 02 February 1954

Passed away: Rowland on 24 September 2016

Aged: 62 years

Funeral Date: 29 September 2016

Service Details

The funeral service will be held in Rowland, North Carolina. The funeral will be held at 11:00 am at Mt. Pelier Presbyterian Church.

Funeral Company

Mcleod Funeral

The Story

Berlester Jean Dinnerson was born February 2, 1954 in Rowland North Carolina to the late Booker Dinnerson and the late Elondel Dinnerson. He took his final breath September 24, 2016 in his home. He was preceded in death by his sibilings Anna Dinnerson, Ali Dinnerson, and Jacob Dinnerson. His nieces and nephews Lundan Dinnerson, Solange Quick, Darius Munley, Iverson Dinnerson.
He gave his life over to Christ at an early age. He became a faithful member and deacon of Mt. Pelier Presbyterian Church.
He was united in Holy Matrimony to Selene Dinnerson. They had three kids and raised the children of the church together.
Left to cherish his memories are Devonte Dinnerson, Malik Dinnerson and Terry Dinnerson all of Rowland, North Carolina
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