Bilkisu Yusuf

Aged: 62 years

The Story

Hajiya Bilkisu is a political scientist by training and a journalist by profession. She studied Political Science at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. She studied for Advanced Diploma in Journalism and International Relations at the Moscow Institute of Journalism.

She was Editor of the Sunday Triumph Kano, Editor of New Nigerian Newspaper Kaduna and Editor of Citizen Magazine Kaduna. She belongs to several non-governmental organisations. She was a founding member and first Kano state Coordinator of Women in Nigeria, WIN. A founding member and immediate past President of Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN). She is also a founding member and Chairperson, Board of Trustees of ABANTU for Development, an African gender focused organisation. She has eleven chapters in published books on women, Islam, media and health.
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A tribute to a mother par excellence! The 24th of September 2015 was the day I received the devastating news of the death of my beloved mother. A heart breaking and painful loss. Alas! Allah the most gracious loves you more. My Mother, my friend, my hero, my mentor and my comforter at all times. Words alone cannot describe you. You were a symbol of hope who many people admired and still admire. A God fearing woman who always portray the teachings of Islam. I still hear your voice lingering in my heart. The words you always say “I pray for you as I walk and even when am on the toilet seat, and I know Allah the all hearing will answer my prayers” What an unconditional love! My dear mother taught us the importance of being faithful to Allah no matter what it cost. The meaning of right and wrong, how to endure hard times, help those in need and live a simple life. I remember in February 2015 when I visited her. We were discussing in her bedroom when she pointed out at her wardrobe saying, “This is where I have kept my wasiyya (Will)” I then replied you will In shaa Allah live long to renew it many times, and she replied “Oh girl! You don’t want me to die, but the most Ummah of the Prophet (S.A.W) will live between 60-70 years” My last meeting with her was to bid her farewell before she left for hajj. She said to me “Look at my luggage” I was surprised and asked her why she had packed so early and she replied “Nana, I have never felt excited for hajj the way I feel for this one despite my several visits. I am ready if they call me now. I never thought I will go for hajj again and that’s why I have packed my Ihram and likkafani together. ”After her death, I found the likkafani labeled “LIKKAFANIN BILKISU” in her wardrobe. My dear mother, we truly appreciate the unconditional love you have shown us. Your selfless devotion, willingness and courage are exceptional blessings to us all. I always read over and over the last message you sent me. “Salam. Hope U A well. Am in Makkah. May Allah accept our Ibadah.U can text me on this no. Eid mabruq in advance. Etisalat is not as convenient” We love you mother, more than you know, but Allah S.W.T loves you most. I always console myself when I weep that you are gone, but then I smile that you have lived an exemplary life enriched with success, lessons, hope and faithfulness. You died in the act of devotion as a martyr reciting (Labbaikallahumma labbaik….) The Prophet S.A.W said “ Every soul shall be raised in the act in which he died” (Muslim). May Allah the Exalted raise you among the righteous of his servants and may he accept your shahadah, guide us on the right path and reunite us in jannatul firdaus. Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen

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