Birger Eriksen

Born: Andebu on 08 May 1965

Passed away: Andebu on 17 July 2020

Aged: 55 years

Funeral Date: 28 July 2020

Service Details

A funeral will be held in Norway and streamed online live for those who would like to participate in Colorado. It will be held at Noon (Norwegian time) / 4am mountain time.

Funeral Company

The Story

Birger lived life to the fullest with vigor and generosity. Hardworking, full of humor and non-judgmental, he had a unique perspective on the world around him. He loved to go fast, laugh a lot and travel the world. What he loved most though, was his wife Bari. They met in Morrison, Colorado – it was the beginning of a beautiful life together full of love, respect and patience.

Birger, an extreme and passionate skier valued speed and thrill on the slopes. Chopping endless wood around his much-loved home in Genesee, Birger waited patiently for the snow to fly, while he and Bari prepared for winter. If he wasn’t skiing, Leeds United football (soccer) was on the agenda, he had a perfect spot at home to direct the game! The Cure was Birger’s favorite 80s rock band, he and Bari never hesitated to find a live performance – he was a Cure groupie and a loud blast of Robert Smith was the perfect capstone to a good night out.

Birger passed away on July 17, 2020 succumbing to a valiant 9-month battle with Glioblastoma 4. His immediate family, Bari Elizabeth Hahn (wife), Harald Eriksen(father), Edmund and Otto Eriksen (brothers) and Helena Eriksen (sister-in-law) with numerous nephews and nieces, invite you to join them by posting your comments and photos in celebration of Birger’s life both in his Colorado home and in his native Norway.

Birger’s family in Colorado and Norway, his extensive network of friends around the world and colleagues at Xcel will miss his curious intellect and his full embrace of life. Thank you, Birger, for bringing such honor, integrity and laugher to our lives. We will remember and celebrate you in our daily lives; and most especially when we hear The Cure on the radio. You are a gent and will be missed.

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