Born: Burbank on 24 April 1981

Passed away: Minneapolis on 21 December 2015

Aged: 34 years

The Story

I wanted to go all out and celebrate Brad's birthday this year (as I normally do), but I think it is just too soon for me. But I did want to do something special to honor him on this special day and to recognize all the people he has touched and the difference he made in this world. He was so kind and loyal and intelligent. He had such a big heart and big dreams to change the world.... maybe take it over as a super villain but change it nonetheless.

One of Brad's favorite computer games he played when we first started dating was called Evil Genius. Instead of playing it normally, he'd spend hours creating ingenious bee traps for unsuspecting henchmen. He would manically scream "RELEASE THE BEES" when they stumbled into them. It was an ongoing joke of ours for our entire relationship. I even gave him a print for Valentine's Day one year that said "Ninjas can't get you if you release the bees" along with a stuffed bee. On April 23rd, the day before his 35th birthday, I am running in a 5K Bee Run to help support a Pollinator’s Pathway for bees along the Mississippi River. I'm doing it in memory of Brad and to RELEASE THE BEES!

On or by April 24th, please do something that reminds you of Brad and post it here. Listen to a song, play a game, read a book, post a picture, tell a story or favorite memory, wear a wizard hat, snuggle your kitty or puppy (or snake), make some bacon infused whiskey, or light something on fire! Post a message, picture, or video of you doing it here!

Either way, please share a special memory in honor of his birthday and the man we all loved so very much. Happy birthday, Brad. We all miss you every day! The world is a lesser place without you in it.


A true love story never ends. You can read about our long, heartbreaking journey that was filled with so much love, here ( and here (
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Alyssa Lawson


Something about the story of Brad and Evil Geniuses reminded me about something I used to share with Brad - At some point in my career as an energy attorney/policy advocate, I somehow ended up on an email list for defense industry trade conferences. Every time I'd get an email about a trade conference about tanks or light armored personnel carriers, I'd share them with Brad. It always made him laugh, probably because of the idea of me (who really has ZERO business getting these emails) wandering around a conference full of defense contractors. We used to joke about going to one of those conferences because who else would you take to something like that other than Brad?! It would have been hilarious (and incredibly interesting since Brad knew a thing or two about vehicle armor...) I miss you, Brad, and all the little things we used to share, inane and otherwise.

Nina Suetake