Charles Alougho Musa

Born: Iyuku Edo State on 18 February 1938

Passed away: Auchi on 20 January 2016

Aged: 77 years

Funeral Date: 25 February 2016

Service Details

Body leaves mortuary by 3pm GMT to home town and wake keeping kick start immediately,the wake keeping service is to be hard by his church pastor st john;s Anglican church iyuku uzairue dioceses till 12mind night and then follow by a traditional musician which will play till the morning of 26th of February, body leaves home to church by 8am for a Communion service and final respect by members and well wishers and leaves to the cemetery immediately after the service for a lay to rest.

Funeral Company

the family

The Story

My father Mr Charles Aluogho Musa was an hero, brave and God fearing dedicated christian, he left behind a good legacy of truth, he was always standing by the truth no mater how biter it sound in the ear of the hearers, he was castigated a lot by his community because of truth he stand behind and this is why he was known by every one in the community and likewise the entire state despite he was very good leaned government retired teacher and very hard working man .
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i will miss you forever dad

charles Samuel Musa