Clement Maddox

Passed away: Columbus on 15 February 2016

Funeral Date: 23 February 2016

Service Details

Clement Dexter Maddox 59, passed away at Midtown Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia,
he is preceeded in death by his Wife, Bessie O. Maddox , Daughter, Quita Goodrum Maddox, Daughter, Debra Howard, Daughter, Valerie Howard, Son, Shedrick Howard, Son, Orian Henderson, Granchild, Jaylah Berry, Granchild, Ver'Daija Cleveland, Granchild, Camaron Cleveland, Granchild, Sa'Riyah Howard, Granchild, Jacques Jones, Granchild, Nicholas Bolds

Funeral Company

Kimbrough's Funeral Home

The Story

There is a special bond that a father has with his son. That bond builds strength over the time and events that each of us are fortunate enough to share together in our lives. I am privileged, honored, and extremely lucky to be one of my fathers children. As I reflect over the years that we shared together, he was a great Dad.

He always lead by example, and taught me numerous life lessons of what it takes to become a man:

-Take care of, protect, and be the provider for your family, and always give them unconditional love;
-Work hard, and rewards will always follow;
-Show respect and courtesy to others;
-Trust in your instinct, as it usually gives you the right answer;
-Always strive to do your best, no matter what you are doing;
-Be honest and loyal to your friends;
-Don't ever be afraid to make mistakes, just make sure you always learn from them;
-Have an opinion, but make sure it is thought through
-It's OK to dream big, just make sure you maintain a sense of reality;
-Being stupid or ignorant is never an excuse;
-Spend wisely, but it is fine to treat yourself on occasion;
-Being polite and using your manners will always get you far;
-Smile, find humor, and try to laugh often;
-Don't blame others. Accept the responsibilities and consequences of your actions;
-Respect nature and the planet, and admire what God has created;
-Be positive, supportive, and always give encouragement;
-Share with others who are less fortunate, and give without asking anything in return;
-Watch your language;
-Be prepared;
-It's never OK to lie, cheat or steal
-Be brave, confident, and strong in your convictions;
-Always arrive on time. That is an easy way to show courtesy and respect;
-Aim to do the right thing, and resist the temptation when you know it is wrong;
-Set a positive example so it may be imitated by others;
-Always stay truthful to your word;
-Immerse yourself and respect the world's different cultures, religions, traditions, and people;
-Use deodorant and brush your teeth, or you will never have a girlfriend;
-And lastly, listen to your Mother. She is always right. These are lessons of my father that has provided a strong foundation and platform for me to build upon into manhood. Affectionately called "Pops" by me and will dearly be missed but never forgotten the legacy of your teachings and blessings will live on. A Man of action and few words who God took the time to share one of his beloved sons with us and he shinned his light unto his family and became a anchor, and a rock a true sign of love and stability. Leading by example caring for the people of community and was a pillar of Care, Dignity and Respect. Your legacy will live on in all the lives that you have touched and impacted and we will honor your memory and celebrate your life we love you and miss you thinking of you always.
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