Born: Bangkok on 22 April 1966

Passed away: Louisiana on 30 September 2015

Aged: 49 years

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The Story

Connor Burke, age 49, of Wolfeboro, NH and Harahan, LA (could never make up his mind:), passed away unexpectedly September 30, 2015 in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Connor, (fondly referred to as) "Bones" as a youngster, grew up adventuring thru the woods and boating on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, NH. He later moved to York, PA where he had a good fighting Irish of a time (no matter what he was doing or who he was doing it with.) Connor was a kind, loving soul with a twinkle in his eyes and always the best partner in crime. After graduating high school in 1985 in York and taking a long journey of soul searching, he joined the Navy in 1988-1992. Following his Navy days, he had a long career in truck driving, swiping many parked cars, along the way.

He loved college football. Saturdays during football season you could always find him sitting either at home in his recliner or in a sports bar watching as many TV screens as possible, keeping up with all the games and waiting anxiously for favorite teams, Notre Dame and Alabama, to play. He loved and admired Coaches Lou Holtz and Joe Paterno. His favorite NFL team was the New England Patriots and his favorite MLB team was the Boston Red Sox.

Connor loved being outdoors. He loved the beach, roller blading, running and bike riding. He loved impromptu road trips. The funny thing was, you could always count on him to get you lost. Eventually, he would get back on the right path, but the detour was the best part. Longer road trips always called for the Beach Boys
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