Daphne Baker

Born: Kansas City on 31 January 1967

Passed away: Phoenix on 07 March 2016

Aged: 49 years

The Story

Daphne Marie Baker was born on January 31st, 1967 in Kansas City, Missouri to Tanya and Dennis Baker.

She passed away peacefully, with her sons by her side, at Banner Estrella Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona on March 7th, 2016.

Daphne was full of life and had a big heart and a warm smile. She loved her family, animals and the beautiful Arizona winter weather. Her hobbies were spending time with her grandchildren, watching trending news topics, social media, antiquing and admiring the beauty of the Colorado and Arizona sceneries. Her kind-heartedness is greatly missed by all those who were fortunate to know her.

Daphne is preceded in death by her mother Tanya Baker, father Dennis Baker and daughter Brittany Shae. She is survived by her children, Robert Baker of Glenwood Springs, CO, Michael Baker of Denver, CO, Joseph Reyna of Denver, CO, brother Brian Baker, nephew Aleqzander Baker, daughters-in-law, Alissa and Crystal Baker, and grandchildren Sawyer and Azenath Baker.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you consider donations to a memorial fund that will be set up in Daphne’s name to benefit a puppy adoption program for low-income children. Contributions can be made at any Wells Fargo location under account name: Robert A. Baker c/o Daphne Baker Memorial.
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I’ve had a lot of regrets about some of the things I said and did to you. I’m SO terribly sorry and it’s very hurtful at times. I just wish I could have told you, I’m sorry. The thing of it was, we didn’t have to. You knew just as well as I did our way of saying sorry was resuming right where we left off without saying a word about it. Recently I had a dream. It was so vivid and real, the reality of what I had anticipated came true. I ended up buying you a house. I came by one evening in hopes of seeing you there as I had not for quite some time. Then you appeared out of your room with blue sweat pants made into shorts and a Robert based Colorado shirt. I was surprised, gave you a big hug and said sorry, you were silent with little smile on your face. It confirmed that you knew I was all along. You know my pain, the way I think, why I think the way I do and what’s going to make it right. Just as I would not want you to be suffering, you wouldn’t want that for me either. When asked or questioned by someone or myself about our upbringing I used to say many things that were ungrateful and unappreciative. Now I think “My childhood was the best it possibly could have been because nothing could have exceeded the results. Therefore, I had the best childhood I could ask for” I am extremely grateful for everything you did for us. Now I see all the sacrifices, it’s unreal and absolutely out of this world considering all your circumstances…Wonder Woman. Miss you momma.

Joseph Reyna


First, my condolences to Daphne's boys......she loved you 3 so much, along with your children. She would send me texts at least a couple each month, with a photo of either you or one of her grandbabies.....she was so proud of all of you!! My only regret is that we did not make the reunion we always talked about a reality. I kept telling her, 'you can't avoid me forever', and she would laugh and say "I know I know, soon..." She came into my life in the 6th grade.....we raised some major hell and gave our parents a run for their money for a few years. We were together almost daily from 6th-9th grade, when we got separated in high school. Which, at the time, probably gave our parents some relief...lol. We both got busy with our separate lives and lost touch for many years. Then along came social media and we found each other again. My long lost soul sister. We were slowly filling each other in on all the years we were apart, but there are many details we didn't get to. My only wish is that we had more time to fill in all those details, and to get back to where we started all those years ago. She was one tough cookie and there are so many stories I could share about how we fought our way through the west side....lol....but more importantly, she had a kind, soft, loving heart, and she will forever be missed. I know that she will be watching over her boys and grandbabies, and if I'm lucky, me too. I never got to meet her sons, but I feel like I know you all from my conversations with her. I am always here for you for whatever you might need. Fly beautiful angel.

Jennie Smith


Jennie, thank you so much for this posting and your kind words. The stories and history mean a lot.

Joseph Reyna


My mom used to jam out to this song around 2005ish. This is one of the few I have always related to her. She definitely did like soaking up the sun.

Joseph Reyna shared a video.


For as tough as Daphne was, she left us too soon. Her spirit never faded the slightest bit. She never gave up and submitted to what our society says "your suppose to be doing". She was always Daphne. I always respected that. If she could turn her fate into a person, she would throw down and not stop, and she would win. I know this. A great memorie to share. I was about 13, hanging with my friend out in the front yard, and the nextdoor neighbor hick slash jock kid, older, bigger, all that, starting picking on me, he threw my bike down asked me what I was gunna do about it etc. All of a sudden front door slams open, here comes preggo Daphne out the door. She said, "what the -bleep- do you think your doing to my little brother". He said something that wasnt appropiate. She then proceeded towards the guy and started whaling on him. I mean she was throwing punches like a man, like solid connections, he was trying to fight back as shes knocking him backwards into the wall. He gave up, and she roared "dont you ever -bleep- with my little brother ever again"! He ran to his house bloody face and his tail between his legs. Never had a problem with him ever again. My friend and I were standing there in total awe. I will never forget that.

Brian Baker


Mom bought this present for Azzy a few days before she passed away. She loved Azzy so much. Azzy says, "thank you gammy, love you!"

Robert Baker shared a video.


Michael Baker shared a video.


Mom, You always made references to being “normal”. You would apologize for not being a “normal” mom. You would apologize for not raising us “normal” I would always tell you that “normal” was overrated these days and that the term “normal” is comprehended differently by each person and there is no such thing as a “normal” life. Yes, we saw a lot of things. The trials and tribulations we experienced would make Dr. Phil cringe. We went through a lot of ups and a lot of downs. We had a our laughs along with our cries. Just so you know all of that made me who I am today and I thank you for that. People go through life always looking for their purpose. What is their God given purpose in life? You always told me that your purpose in life was to raise us right. You did exactly what you sought out to do. You did an amazing job raising us. I miss you so much. I didn’t anticipate you going out this way but that is out of your control and it is out of my control. I miss you and I love you. Michael

Michael Baker


Daphne...you were like the little sister I never had. We had a lot of good times together...and a few sad. We laughed together as well as cried. We shared grandchildren pictures and stories...and about our children too. You always had a smile on your face...sometimes I had to be concerned about that smile...as it could mean trouble. But the thing I will remember most is the love you had for your children and grandchildren. They meant the world to you. I know you will be looking over them. Daphne we miss you and love you! Mike and Nancy Holthaus

Nancy Holthaus