David Rotkowitz

Aged: 34 years

The Story

We are devastated to say that, despite the strength and grace with which he has been battling cancer, it seems that Davy’s fighting days are over, and that it is time for him to rest now. He was moved to hospice care, and after several weeks, passed away on May 3. Please let his family know how much he means to all of us, and how he has touched our lives. Please use this space to share words of love and encouragement and fond memories for Dave's family to read together.
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Dave was such an awesome guy! From being my lab partner in General Chemistry to our shenanigans on the Hawaii trip, Dave was always a kind-hearted, helpful, and good person. He was one of the nicest people I knew during my time at Hartwick. I truly thought the world of him.

Thomas Lansing


Dave and I worked together as Environmental Consultants at PSI from 2016 to 2018. We were part of a team of which Dave was considered a rising "Star" due to his knowledge, experiences, personality and ability to get it done! His assistance to me in the preparation and completion of reports, especially computer related issues was extremely useful and greatly appreciated. On a personal basis. we had numerous discussions about families. friends. hobbies and other topics of mutual interest. May the light of his "Star" always be with his family and friends. DWM

David W. Myers

David Myers


Dave and I worked together at PSI for several years up until the time of his leave of absence from the company to begin his fight. We spent many days together in the car on the way to Utica or Snowy Owl in the Berkshires or down to NJ to conduct some field work together. He was great Geologist that is very smart and always took pride in his work. We had many laughs together and our running joke with one another were those 'Dam Oranges', heavy traffic in North Orange, NJ, then East Orange then South Orange! Dave! Those pesky oranges! As you begin your next journey there is comfort knowing that for your short time on earth you lived life well, proud and with great courage and dignity. I hope I can say that someday to..... Be well my friend....

Tom rankin


"DR" and I worked together a few years ago at PSI. "DR" is a fine young man. He is the most humble, considerate and friendly person on this earth. He always has a good attitude and his keen mind is ready for a challenge. He was a great contributor to our successful environmental group. He is known as the "Sultan of Smooth" as when I sent him out to deal with vendors or bring cookies to clients his charm was evident. In addition, I enjoyed his subtle sense of humor when he solved my computer issues in a snap. He just gave me a smirk and moved on. Please let "DR" know I pray for him each day and send him positive vibes. -- PM2

Paul Misiaszek


When I was in third grade, I was sleeping on the floor next to my friend's bed at a slumber party. In the middle of the night, I rolled over and came face to face with a Furby under her bed, and it started talking. It scared the living daylights out of me, and Furbies have creeped me out ever since. I made the mistake of telling Dave that story once, and he was forever tormenting me with pictures of Furbies. He printed a bunch of them out and put them up all around the Geology department at Hartwick. He and Matt once filled my whole backpack with packing peanuts with pictures of Furbies hidden amongst them, and hid more pictures of them in my coat pockets, in my gloves, and all my stuff. He put a picture of one in a birthday card he sent me once. He would send them to me on Facebook. They still creep me out, but now they also kind of make me happy because I always smile and think of him. He's always been good at teasing me (in a fun way, never a mean way). I miss that so much.

Lexy Fowler


Davy making me laugh on his wedding day

Lexy Fowler shared a photo.


I will always think of Dave’s smiling face, living with Matt, Josh, and Tyler at the townhouses senior year at Hartwick College. I always admired Dave’s easy-going personality and have such respect for him because you can tell what a genuine, kind person he is. I remember one time he was telling me about helping on with the horses at Cailin’s parents. I was so impressed (maybe because I could barely clean my dishes and didn’t know how to clean my toilet). I told Dave that was so nice of him and he was so humble about it “it’s the least I can do for them. They do so much for me.” He is a the nicest guy and I will always regard him so highly.

Courtney Harrison


Courtney Harrison shared a photo.


I met Dave when he and my brother were about 7/8. I was 21. I clearly remember how amazing, warm, funny and sometimes timid he could be. He was always a cutie and I’ve been so glad that he and my brother remained friends forever. This is him at my brother Andre’s small wedding. Fourteen people in total. I snapped this pic without him even knowing because that was the boyish smile I have seen throughout the years. He was always beautiful inside AND out.

Diana Granda shared a photo.


This was in 2016. Vibrant and radiant as usual❤️

Diana Granda


Dave is someone who, despite only sharing a year with me at Hartwick, left a big positive impression on me. His sunny personality and sense of humor just sticks with you. As a scared, shy freshman being dropped off for the start of cross country preseason I was instantly made to feel welcomed and included by Dave as our team captain. I became immersed in a world of random movie quotes and loved seeing Dave’s big smiling face in the halls of Johnstone between classes. Keeping you in my thoughts…

Kim Caldwell