Born: Escondido. California on 21 December 1971

Passed away: Hemet, California on 12 April 2020

Aged: 48 years

Service Details

Covid prevented a large celebration of life, but we're thankful we found this website. We hope that you all enjoy seeing pictures of Dawn and remembering her as we do. Please send us any fond memories or stories that you would like to share. She would want us to live life to the fullest and know that she will be watching over us. Until we see you again Dawn... We love you.

The Story

Dawn was known for her larger-than-life feisty personality. She would strike up a conversation with anyone. She knew no strangers. She would befriend anyone with an open heart. Dawn was very compassionate & giving to others. She would give you her last dollar, the jacket off her back or even loan her car to someone she just met. Dawn was very spontaneous in her actions. If you dare tell her she couldn’t do something, she would prove you wrong and do it anyways.
She always wanted to drive our dad's car he was restoring (a 68' Cougar). He told her no more than once. My dad clearly remembers taking my mom to the store that day and as soon as they left, my sister said I'm taking the car. I remember telling her, "You're going to get caught." She said, "No I'm not," with pure confidence. Dawn then explained to me how she marked where the tires were in the garage so she wouldn't get caught (I'm not sure my dad knew that part of the story). Sure enough, she drove away. Little did she know, my dad forgot something, so they were on their way home. Dad remembers watching his 68' Cougar wiz right by him down the road with Dawn in the driver's seat.
My mom remembers Dawn under 3 years old just jumping into the pool before she even knew how to swim! She would jump and then figure it out her entire life. Dawn was fearless.
She had a strong voice and she wasn’t afraid to use it. You could always count on Dawn to tell it like it is. Dawn would tell you that she fiercely loved and defended her family. She was the much-loved daughter of Pat and Shelley Murphy. The treasured stepdaughter to Carol Murphy. The funny beautiful sister of Pam Boulware and half-brother Riley Murphy. But the most important role in her life was being a mother to her adored daughter Kayla Marie Doebler. She proudly boasted a tattoo that proclaimed her devotion to Kayla - two doves with the phrase "Just the two of us." Dawn would brag about Kayla every chance she got... she was her #1.
Dawn raised Kayla as single parent. She battled with everyday struggles, but somehow, she always found a way. Dawn dabbled in a lot of different careers before she settled on being a care giver for the elderly. She used her humorous personality and witty comebacks to make them laugh. Dawn brought them joy and reminded them they are not alone. That is something to be proud of…
We will be forever grateful that God brought Dawn into our lives. As our grandmother, Helen Whitcomb said, "God took her home on Easter. She must have been very special to him." And she was very special to us, we will always love and miss you Dawn.
With all our love,
Pat, Shelley, Pam, Kayla, Carol and Riley
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I know that when you get where you're going you'll be free of pain and diabetes. You'll be larger than life and happy! I love you Dawn.

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