Passed away: Tampa, Florida on 28 November 2015

Aged: 83 years

Funeral Date: 04 December 2015

Service Details

A mass in the memory of Dolores will be held Friday, December 4th 2015 6:30PM. Incarnation Catholic Church on 5124 Gateway Dr. Tampa, FL 33615

Funeral Company

Affinity Cremation Services

The Story

Dolores Casals (83) passed away peacefully Saturday, November 28th 2015 at Kindred Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Dolores was born October 11th 1932 in Cuba and migrated to New York City with her children and husband Enrique Casals where they together engaged in the photography business. For many years, Casals Studios became one of the most successful photography businesses that served the upper Manhattan area. Dolores retired in Tampa, Florida where she spent her last years in company of her husband, children and grandchildren. Dolores is survived by her son and daughter Henry Casals and Ines Milan. Grandchildren: Henry Casals (Junior), Michael Casals, Jennifer Casals and Luis Betancur. A mass in her memory will be held on Friday, December 4th 2015 at Incarnation Church in Tampa, Florida.
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