Born: Moultrie, GA on 19 November 1947

Passed away: Moultrie, GA on 28 February 2020

Aged: 72 years

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The Story

Earl Eugene Smith (Trialfa Ankh-Maat Omega), 72, was born on November 19, 1947, and passed away on February 28, 2020. He was a Vietnam War Veteran, World-Renowned Grand Master Martial Artist, Grand Master Mason, Progressive Educator, and a Philosopher ahead of his time. His spiritual devotion, distinct laugh, sense of humor, and dapper style will be missed by many.

Trialfa most likely entered this world in either a 3-piece suit or a karate gi and was never seen without one or the other. He was born and raised in Moultrie, Georgia and attended Colquitt County High School. After graduation, he committed to serving his country by enlisting in the United States Air Force and fought two tours in the Vietnam War. Since the age of 12 he was a fan of martial arts and at 18 had the opportunity to train in the orient during his time in Vietnam. Martial Arts had a profound impact on him both physically and spiritually and would set a precedence in his life and legacy forever.

The war ended in 1975, but he would continue to battle the psychological effects of the war including depression. Warzone stress exposure and other combat-related experiences caused severe and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that would impact his mental health until his last days.

Despite this struggle, after returning from Vietnam, Trialfa set off on a mission to revolutionize the way of martial arts in America and make the practice of Zen and martial arts an inseparable union of spiritual living. In 1970, he launched the Purple Dragons Martial Arts Movement in Rochester, N.Y. and developed his own proprietary style of martial arts called Nungkyyii (nung-ky-yi-ee), a unique combination of creative techniques, self-discipline, and spiritual training.

Between 1973 and 1979 Trialfa was the reigning Grand Champion of the Empire State Karate Championships Tournament in Syracuse, N.Y. six consecutive years and retired undefeated in 1979. During this time, he attended the Rochester Institute of Theology and graduated in 1977 with a Masters in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Theology.

Trialfa then moved to Denver, Colorado and would spend the next 30 years mentoring young adults, growing the Purple Dragon community and proving the power of combining academics with martial arts training to cultivate self-consciousness, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem in youth.

Trialfa’s life centered around his dedication to meditation, philosophy, rightful living, health of the body, mind and soul, and service to the Divine, which he expressed by serving those who crossed his path. His passion for reading, writing, teaching and evolving lead him to become an inspirational spiritual teacher for so many individuals. Trialfa would dedicate the remainder of his life fully and solely to pursuing his divine spiritual path and the purpose he was assigned by God. It was Trialfa’s dream to create a spiritual revolution in western society and completely reshape the education system for our youth by including a spiritual, moral, social, and technological curriculum. He never gave up on that dream.

He is preceded in death by son Sir Earl Smith, and survived by his mother Mary F. Wilson, 13 children, and 20 grandchildren. His life will continue to be celebrated by his family, those he mentored, and the Purple Dragon Community.

In lieu of flowers, you may send contributions to help support the family with immediate funeral expenses and a standing memorial: (Emperor Emaan Omega 6149 S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118).

A recent Harvard School of Public Health study found that three to four decades after the Vietnam War, many combat war veterans continued to experience severe PTSD. And every day, 20 war veterans take their life. There is help. The National Center for PTSD provides resources for Veterans.
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Nearly 20 years ago my friend and I stumbled upon Trialfa's website. We have spent hours upon hours reading his work and researching it over the years. We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with him on the phone once about 10 years ago. I am very saddened by the loss of such a unique and interesting man. I hope that his work remains available for years to come so others like myself may find it and gain inspiration. You will not be forgotten, Omega Man.

Aaron Hicks


You were the most interesting and incredibly amazing human I ever met. It just so happens you were also my dad. So many questions answered and so many still remain. But one thing is for sure. You cared deeply for the future of humanity, envisioned our journey ahead wonderfully, and articulated it immensely. You helped pave the way as you said you would. Can't wait for your return <3

Kingsya Omega


Words will never be able to express the void that you've left in our lives. You gave so much, shared so much. Those of us who were blessed to have known you, will beforever grateful for the impact you've made in our lives. Rest in peace.
Brenda Fields

Brenda Fields


My Heart is truly broken today. Few knew how wonderful this man was and how pure and bright the Light of his Spirit was. We always knew we would meet together on this side of the divide but our hug will now go unfulfilled until I join our next quest. Godspeed my Dear Brother, you are so Loved and will be so missed for the time until we finally hug and laugh! So strong in adversity, so wonderful to train and lead those who would listen (or not). Your Legacy should be told from the mountaintops instead of a Facebook post. I miss your voice already. How briefly our candles flicker.... See you soon you wonderful Dragon!!
So Mote it Be..... keep that hug and laugh ready!!

Tim Yarbrough


Rest in Power! It was an honor to meet and learn from you!

Heru Ra


I will miss you my friend! Rest in power.

Brenda Hetwall


Grandkids on a walk...

Olivia Omega shared a photo.


We love you dad and will miss you dearly...

Olivia Omega