Everett Groff

Born: Oklahoma on 04 September 1948

Passed away: San Jose, CA on 24 December 2021

Aged: 73 years

The Story

Ev was born in Oklahoma but grew up in Chico, CA. with his parents, Ernest and Edith, and his sister Tamara. His passion for good food came from his mother and he was skilled at figuring out recipes by taste. In college, he discovered a love for technology, but focused on his original degree. He graduated from college with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. Then, he began teaching 4th grade in Nevada City, CA.

He loved music, played acoustic guitar, and sang with a lovely Baritone voice. While house sitting for his parents Ev’s love for music drew him to choir at Neighborhood Church in Chico where he met his wife, Ellen. They fell in love, were engaged by the end of the summer, and married that November. He often said he married Ellen because she laughed at his jokes. He did have a wonderful sense of humor and a hearty laugh. They moved to Grass Valley and rented an apartment before finding a small house to buy. His two children, Aimee and Evan, were born during this time, teaching him the joys and frustrations of being a parent.

For several years, Ev taught school, but didn't enjoy it much as he struggled with the paperwork. Ellen’s father was a retired Carpenter/Contractor and had helped them remodel their first home during the summer. Through this he discovered a passion for building. Ev & Ellen built and remodeled several homes for family and friends during this time and earned his Contractor’s license.

Interest rates went to 18% in 1979; no one could afford to buy homes. An aptitude test from Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation showed him his aptitudes lay in his mechanical abilities, not in teaching, so Ev went back to College to study electronics. By the time he had his AS degree in technology, local tech companies had put a hiring freeze on all jobs. He found a QA position at KLA in Santa Clara, so they moved to a rental house in the Bay area. It was a shock because of higher prices, though his job paid more. After a year, they found a house to buy and lived there for twenty years. While working at KLA he continued his education and got a BS in Engineering Technology. Ev enjoyed working as a Hardware Design Engineer at several different companies. His name is on a patent for a high speed solid state drive for Dell Computers, along with his good friend Norm Dancer.

Due to job downturns in 2001, Ev was laid off and returned to his love of building. He found the house they live in now, remodeled it, and moved in. After selling his previous home, he bought a neighbor's house and remodeled it with help from his daughter and son in law, eventually selling it to them. Later he helped his son remodel a couple different homes he lived in. He was always more than willing to be a handyman for family and friends.

Although Ev grew up in church, hypocrisy caused him to quit attending. He came to love God again through the witness of Ellen, Norm, Chistine, Gerardo, and the Ministries of Michael Rood, Keith Johnson, and Nehemia Gordon. He enjoyed the sermons at Family Community Church but was afraid he’d fall asleep and snore, so watched online. He attended a breakfast Bible Study with friends.

He struggled with many medical issues over the years. He was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes in his 30’s. In 2000 his heart began to fail and he had an Angioplasty. In 2005, while working on their daughter's house he suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, mostly recovering. Then his heart began to fail again and he had a Quadruple bypass in 2008. About 2012, he had a minor stroke, which left him with a limp on the right side. But he still enjoyed spending time with family and friends, usually over good food at a favorite restaurant. His health continued to decline and he was less able to get around and do things he loved to do. So, when his heart began to fail again, he was reluctant to "let the doctors do their thing". He put on a good front, although we knew he was failing.

Ev’s heart gave out Christmas Eve, and he is now with God. He is survived by his wife, Ellen Groff; daughter, Aimee King; and son, Evan Groff, along with four grandchildren Ashley King, Sarah King, Ethan Groff, and Eric Pace. Although we miss his love and laughter we are happy he is no longer frustrated and struggling with his disabilities. We feel blessed to have had him in our lives.
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