Born: Accra on 24 May 1975

Passed away: Atlanta, Georgia on 05 December 2001

Aged: 26 years

Funeral Date: 15 December 2001

Service Details

Farida's funeral was held at the now defunct, Cathedral Of the Holy Spirit in Decatur, Georgia on December 15, 2001. The funeral was attended by several of her friends and family members including her mother Gertrude Goodhead, and father Idris Osei Mensa-Bonsu. Her 3 main siblings, Abena Mensa-Bonsu, Adoley Mensa-Bonsu, Idris Osei Mensa-Bonsu. Her fiancée, Reginald Dadoo, Her Godparents Jeanette Norman, Morris Norman. Her best friend Malaka Grant. And her only son, Idris Mensa-Bonsu

Funeral Company

Cathedral Of the Holy Spirit

The Story

Farida was born in Accra, Ghana on May 24, 1975. She was the eldest of 4 siblings. Although incredibly intelligent and ambitious, Farida was a visionary and slightly rebellious. Farida attended college at Lawrence, University in 1994, and later transferred to Oglethopre University. Farida was known to be very popular on campus, and was considered to be one of the most beautiful and nicest women at the school. While furthering her education, Farida was impregnated and shortly struggled with balancing school and her first child. Fortunately, Farida was blessed and had met her now Godmother, Jeanette Norman who helped her with raising their son, Idris Osei Mensa-Bonsu. Farida was a beautiful, kind, adventurous, loving, motherly, and elegant woman who only wanted what was best for her son and her family. She was a kind angel who would have sacrificed herself for anyone. Many people were very saddened by her death, but many found comfort in knowing that she is now with the Lord.
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Idris Mensa-Bonsu shared a photo.


She was a beautiful woman, inside and out

Idris Mensa-Bonsu