Glenn Cole

Aged: 59 years

The Story

On January 28, 2016, Glenn Cole took a step or a leap. Or he sailed on new wings. Or he paddled in a canoe he built from twigs and discarded treasure—as he made his way to the spirit world. And now, when you find a feather or a four-leaf clover he is reaching out. Glenn was not perfect but he was perfectly wonderful. Adept at knowing what to do and always willing to do what you needed. He displayed his affection in hard work and quietness. In accepting and forgiving. He was a fixer, a tinkerer, a McGyver—doing all jobs: from odd to very odd. He wanted you to smile and laugh and would build an elf door in your tree without pointing it out so you could have the magic moment of discovering it for yourself. He would help out strangers and talk back to animals because all spirits were equal to him. Everyone he met was inspired by his loving and helpful nature. He has left this physical world but not before welding and soldering us tightly together. The blessing of his memory will be carried on by his devoted loving wife, Lisa (nee McCole); his children: Denise, Danielle, Kathleen Colson (Mike Valdez), and Charles (Chuck) Colson; his grandchildren: Kiley and Willow; mother-in-law Ruth McCole; brothers: Elmer and Dale (Anne) Cole, Larry and Michael McCole, John Roberts, Robert Rodenbaugh, Wayne Colflesh, Robert Maggi; and sisters: Jennifer Cole (Vincent), Alicia Zanzinger; many loving nieces and nephews; and by a flock of friends spread far and wide. To know him was to love him always and all ways. A private celebration of Glenn's life will be held at a later date. In his memory, perform a random act of kindness, or many.
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