Born: Los Angeles on 13 August 1947

Passed away: Los Angeles on 21 March 2015

Aged: 67 years

Funeral Date: 07 April 2015

Service Details

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.
3443 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305
(323) 752-5524

Funeral Company

Simpson's Family Mortuary

The Story

In recognition, honor, and celebration of the physical and spiritual life of Gloria Dean Driver:
The name Gloria is a derivative of the word glory. The definition of glory is:
1. High renown or honor won by notable achievements.
2. Magnificence; great beauty.
3. Take great pride or pleasure in.

I have no doubts that my late grandmother Ernestine’s name selection for my mother was divinely inspired. As a matter of fact, my grandmother called her “Glory”

Gloria had a keen eye for talent and potential. Therefore, all who were ever close or connected to her should know, you are gifted. The only jewelry she wore were pearls, she collected people as her precious stones. She picked and polished diamond, ruby, and emerald souls that others overlooked. Once she saw the good in someone, her focus never swayed from it. There was nothing anyone could say or do to change her view. She nudged and pushed on people’s gifts insisting they be set free and shared with others.

She also knew her own strengths, gifts, and talents. Deeply spiritual on the inside and all business on the outside, her heart was always for community growth, enrichment, and development. She started her first business 37 years ago in Central Los Angeles she named it “Gloria’s Country Store Boutique” with no capital nor investors, she started working a job nights to support her family and business and sewed by day creating her own inventory. Gloria loved the sophisticated style of the 1940's as a result, she soon found her niche in vintage clothing and accessories. She transformed her shop into the first African American vintage clothing boutique in what is now known as the Park Mesa Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Always ahead of her time she had many brilliant ideas. Long before the worldwide web and social media, she was a net-worker.

She later expanded her business to include vintage linens and antique furniture. She was a pioneer. She revamped and revitalized her business whenever necessary growing it into a multiplicity of outlets to include vintage Expo's and road shows. Because she had a fabulous eye for remarkable pieces, she was a ghost-picker for a number of exclusive vintage dealers around the country supplying them with the amazing pieces that ensured their business success and vitality. She traveled many places to find the best merchandise; she only ever desired the best in everything and everyone. Her selections were showcased in fashion shows, ceremonies, and other major events. She branched off into a corporation:

1. Love Lace Ministries – For several years Gloria was an International Foreign Exchange Student Host. She often gave back to the community always through ministry, cooked and served food to the hungry on Skid Row and in her community many times over the years. During the years her business thrived most, she annually purchased, packaged, and delivered care packages filled with simple accessories and toiletries most people take for granted for the homeless. She constantly donated to multiple charities, provided work for the needy and unemployable.
2. Glory Again – Vintage clothing, accessories, linens, collectibles, and antiques.
3. Us N’ Folk Market Place – Her dream was only half fulfilled of providing an open air market place in the Jefferson Park Area of Los Angeles providing the opportunity for vendors, artists, and entrepreneurs to sell and show case their unique collections of vintage items, art, custom designs, as well as promote and sell remarkable products and services. The market place was to feature a Crab Shack and Café and multiple cultural and historical events.

Gloria was also an evangelist; she led many people to God and ministry.

She was a beloved matriarch of the Driver family, keeping up with everyone; she visited and connected everyone, led and handled a large portion of family responsibilities and duties.

She was a mentor, a master of many talents she taught, groomed, and polished many over the years.

She put special effort and interest into the enrichment of women, encouraging many to start their own businesses and showcase their talents.

She was an amazing cook and her dinner parties and events will be talked about for years to come. She did everything with style and class.

She loved country and gospel music; she loved nature, black memorabilia, all things country and rustic, and everything from the Victorian era to the 1940's. Most of all she loved God.

She was wise, creative, daring, and brave.

Although it may have looked to some like she had little in material possessions towards the latter portion of her life, during her physical journey she made lots of money, yet her goal was never to hoard or keep it. Instead she invested in people. She helped many people over the years and faithfully promoted and supported churches and businesses all over. She invested in several entrepreneurs and inspired and encouraged many others' talents and aspirations. I know with assurance many people that would stand and testify to this fact.

Although my mother never married, she did love, beyond death. I have never met another more faithful than she.

To all those that knew her, I assure you, whatever she told you about your strengths are true. So, as we release her physical body from this plane, I implore you to release your inhibitions and soar like an eagle. Her spirit lives when we allow our little lights to shine.

She held me on a pedestal that I never quite felt I deserved until now. Now I know I am everything she told me I was: Strong, Intelligent, A fierce force to be reckoned with and overall an amazing woman and mother.

I now know this because she was all of those things.

My name is Charlzetta Driver and I Am Glory's daughter.

Gloria "Glory" Driver is survived by her only child and daughter Charlzetta Driver Williams. 4 grandchildren Deborah , Dante, Dakyra, and Chesare. 3 great- grandchildren Jamari, Keori, and Mekiah. 3 brothers Lawrence Driver Sr., and Nathaniel Lynn Ingram , and John Wayne, 1 niece Stephanie Driver and 4 nephews Lawrence Driver Jr., Fred, Jermaine, and Jarrett Driver.

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