Born: Frauenfeld on 08 February 1935

Passed away: Ossining NY on 29 January 2016

Aged: 80 years

Funeral Date: 23 February 2016

Service Details

The funeral takes place at 2pm in the Church Oberkirch, Frauenfeld Switzerland

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The Story

Peter Blaser

Our relationship started 35 years ago. 1981 Hans and I concluded our cooperation with a handshake in NYC.

As a mechanical engineer Hans was very interested in our Blasocut and he agreed in starting our US-venture from scratch. I had a very good feeling about our mutual future in America and I was convinced Hans was the right person to start the business. Before a drum of Blasocut was sold, he literally had to furnish our first office in White Plains, buy the first pencil, hire a secretary, salesmen and instruct his new crew.

Hans was very capable in contacting potential customers and the way he instructed the new sales crew about the merits of our coolants was very convincing. As a result Blaser Swisslube USA was successful and grew rapidly. Already in 1985 we started to build our production plant in Goshen. During his time as president, Hans expanded the market presence all over USA. What a wonderful achievement! I was highly impressed by Hans’s way of leading his crew, and I always appreciated his continuous support for the other markets. His absolute commitment and his straightforward comments were exemplary. Everybody loved Hans for his support and loyalty towards his employees, his colleagues, his boss, and of course his customers.

After Hans’s retirement, we always enjoyed to see him at the Christmas party, which he usually attended.

Last Christmas Hans was in Switzerland. Even though he loved to live in America he planed to sell his house in Ossining and move closer to his family.

Unfortunately his last plan did not come true. Hans has passed away in his beloved America.
His nephew Thomas flew in from Jakarta and made all the arrangements to bring him back to Switzerland.

Tuesday, February 23rd Hans Schneider will be buried next to his beloved wife Helen at the Cemetery of Frauenfeld in Switzerland.

Hans, we missed you at the Christmas Party. All of us, who had the pleasure to know you, will always remember you in kindness.
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My beloved Götti (Godfather) Just last year you visited me in Indonesia. Then we spent wonderful holidays together in Thailand. We had so many deep and warm discussions at the pool, have been riding scooter together and had a great time. We talked in details about your and my intentions and about future plans. You have been so fit and you wanted to move back to Switzerland and travel from there frequently to USA and Asian regions. Unfortunately you left us so sudden and far too early so that we could not enjoy further time together. It makes me so sad but at least I know that you could leave us peacefully and did not have to suffer. I miss you very much because of your kindness and love you gave me through all the years. You and Gotti Helen always have been so good to me, taught me a lot and were like my second parents. See you all one day. With love your nephew Thomas

Thomas Bachmann


Thomas Bachmann shared a photo.


I had the great opportunity to come in contact with Hans since the first days he started his new job at Blaser Swisslube. From the beginning on, he was very interested to learn as much as possible about the high quality of the Swiss metal working fluids. So he was able to introduce the BLASOCUT philosophy to future customers in America. I remember, that even after hard working days, Hans continued his studies at night time. He started to introduce the Swiss products on the US-market. All he did was first for the prosperity and success of Blaser Swisslube. His own interests had to wait. For me, Hans always was an excellent example to be face to face with business partners with truthful arguments. So, he could deliver the best service to all customers. Hans, I always will remember you and never forget your positive attitude towards life and the appreciated friendship. Hannes Schneider

Friends & Collegues of Blaser Swisslube


1991 I joined a group tour to America. This tour was organized by Regina Blaser for the Blaser employees Switzerland. Hans led us trough the company. It was very impressive and I wanted only one thing: working there. 1992 it came true. Hans picked me up at the airport, with a little Swiss flag in his hand. An unforgettable moment. And, it was the beginning of wonderful time. I will always be thankful for his hospitality and helpfulness. He was a caring and also dynamic boss, and he was always there, when needed. I will keep these memories forever.

Regula Kämpfer shared a photo.


Hans was our long lasted friend in the US. We've known Hans and Helen since Blaser started in Goshen and appreciated his helpfulness in all matters when ever needed. He took us to our first visit at the Harness race track in Goshen which Rico and I very much liked and tried to be part of when ever we were in Town. The best and funniest events on independence day ever. Unforgettable memories are also his invitations to Ossining where he treated us with Flounder and Lobster which he had been diving for. Dorothea Vogel Switzerland

Friends & Collegues of Blaser Swisslube shared a photo.


Hans was an inspiration to work for given his great enthusiasm for Blasocut (Grindex and Vasco not so much!) Hans was a great teacher as he had so much patience and was willing to repeat the information over and over until we had it right (especially during a 90 mph training/interview session). Thank you Hans for all the memories, we will miss seeing you at the Christmas parties.

Randy Templin


The Teacher, I am proud to say Hans was my teacher. 25 years ago I started selling Blaser Swisslube and Hans was our first Teacher, To Hans windshield time was a time to teach and he never wasted a single second. One time he was to meet me for a call and he flew into Ohio and stated Mr. Glenn I'll call you when I leave the airport. What was a normal 30 min drive Hans made it in 15, he passed me on the interstate at close to 90 MPH, I could not catch up! He would say when we would leave a customer that was not worthy, That guy doesn't deserve our Blaser! He was as much interested in seeing that you succeeded as he was in our company. He.... as we say bleed Blaser Blue. The photo attached is from my first trip to the Alps. The gentlemen in the picture is Hans and Willy Blaser.

Glenn Lasley shared a photo.


Vision, dedication, hard work and a relentless belief in Blasocut. Whether it was in his office working on a technical issue, or a long drive or flight after a 12 hour day, Hans Schneider never stopped teaching and challenging those of us who had the privilege of working with him. He was a coolant guy, a problem solver and had Blasocut in his veins. Thank you Hans for all you did for Blaser USA, we owe our success to you.

Joe Giza


Even though I didn't get to work for Hans during his time with Blaser USA, after being a part of the team for almost 5 years it is inevitable to have heard a multitude of stories about his exploits of this territory called America. His direct approach to the customer and his no nonsense attitude made him a hit with the customers and helped them to understand the importance of following his instructions. He used his accent to help create a sense of mystery and bring people into his discourse. Many of these things are lessons that I would not have had the opportunity to learn if it weren't for him. I wish his family the best and pray that they are comforted in their time of mourning. May God rest his soul.

Roger Martinuc


Friends & Collegues of Blaser Swisslube shared a photo.