Jasmine Goode

Born: Greensville NC on 02 July 1993

Funeral Date: 30 April 2015

Service Details

Piny Grove Baptist Church
!2:00 pm (Saturday at noon)
Buriel 1:00 pm
Food 1:30 pm

Funeral Company

J and G

The Story

Tell you the truth it will be hard trying to put all of Jasmine's good traits in writing. No matter how hard we all try we could never forget all that this intelligent, beautiful and kind heated young lady as been through. We all are coping with this loss today we all lost a great woman. I know that she is now happy and is in that peaceful place of heaven.
She was a sister, a friend, a caregiver, a supporter, and believe it or not she was real, meaning she would speak her mind if she had to. I'm sure each and every one of you has something to wonderful share about Jasmine. She shared a lot of good memories. The family shared a lot of great memories with her. We remember her as being very shy, self-reserved at times, but very hard working. We know her as the type pf person that if she was struggling with something she was not so quick at giving up. She was a strong woman.
I can remember the last activity we did together; we went out to an arcade room. As we all know Jasmine was a mature adult but sometimes to could be immature , she loves all types of games , she loved winning those tickets and redeeming them for prizes. She was nothing more than a big kid with a loving and fun heart. We always enjoyed our times together with her.
Jasmine was a very strong woman. Most of the time if not all of the time she seemed to get her way. She was very good at given advice. I personally would seek her advice. We always had talks. She wouldn’t let me finish what I wanted to ask her because she already knew what I was going to ask and she already had an answer for it, I really didn’t understand how she did that. I thought she was a psychic or something. She was also the kind of person that would think about other people before herself. She never liked asking for help but she was always ready to lend a helping hand to others. She would do everything in her power to help other people.
Although she never got the chance, I think in her own way she was able to show us how important we all were to her. We may no longer see her but we’ll always have these special moments we shared with her. She will always have a special place in our hearts.
Let’s just be thankful that we knew a special young lady like Jasmine.
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