Jeremy Sheriff

Aged: 31 years

Funeral Date: 15 January 2017

Service Details

Wake - Saturday January 14th in the evening from 6pm-8pm @ Ted Dickey West Funeral Home

Funeral - Sunday January 15th at 2pm at the Old Frankford Church and Cemetery - 17400 Muirfield, Dallas, TX 75287

Note - The Old Church (where the funeral is taking place) is just West of the newly built church

Old Frankford Church Website:

Funeral Company

Ted Dickey West Funeral Home | 7990 Geo Bush Turnpike, Dallas, TX 75252 | 972-407-6070
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Jeremy, it's been 2 years and still now, nothing is as much fun or as sweet as it was when you were here. While my spirit rejoices for you and with you that you no longer suffer; my humanness forces me to cry and miss you every day. I love you, son.

Karen Sheriff


For Jeremy (A Brother, Uncle, Son, Friend)

Jeremy was, and will always be, my inherited brother from another mother. By technicality, he was my step-brother. While in reality, he was much more than any of these titles. We were joined together at a young age through the merging of two beautiful families.

Jeremy was a truly unique individual. He was custom made, from the oh-so trademarked “Jeremy grin” to the crystal clear blue ocean eyes. He can be described as intellectual, compassionate, brave, and unpredictably witty. He was the one person in any gathering that would show up, perhaps not on time (possibly due to the following: got turned around with the directions, had to stop for some very important gelato that, from his perspective, absolutely needed to be shared), would immediately brighten up the room with his infectious personality, and could could give even the best movie quoter or impersonator a run for their money.

I’m certain everyones emotions at this point are a complete mixed bag - ranging from sad, angry, confused, fuzzy, and perhaps completely - outright lost. I can honestly say, the past days since learning of Jeremy’s too soon departure, I have felt many of these. Understanding God’s over-arching purpose in this messed up world has been critical for me. The Bible teaches us that God created the world as a perfect world and that we humans are responsible for the introduction of all these very painful experiences such as death, and injustice. The good news is that Jesus came to this earth for two main purposes: reconciliation and restoration. Revelations says that Jesus will one day return to this earth, and he will wipe away every tear from our eyes, and there will be no more death or pain.

One of the greatest things I have learned in my short time on the planet, and even more clearly through the years I have been blessed to have been apart of Jeremy’s life, is that my life is not about me. For this, I am grateful. I know that Jeremy was a believer and that he is now free from the pains and struggles of this world.

We all know Jeremy had such an amazing taste in music. Picking “the right” track, proved to be more difficult than you may initially think. I’ve selected a few clips however that I would like to share.

One final salutation,

“I love you, man”
“see-ya” and;
“Brothers gotta hug”

Noah Jones shared a video.


To those left behind...

Noah Jones shared a video.


My son Jeremy was a beautiful man…kind, affectionate and exceedingly clever. He was loved by so many. Many of you have written beautiful tributes to Jeremy describing in detail how he touched you with his caring and sensitive spirit and how he sought to ease your pain with his incredibly unique sense of humor. Thank you for writing these tributes. They are helping all of his family grieve by soothing the raw pain of losing a wonderful and much-loved son, brother and uncle. Relationships meant everything to Jeremy. If you were his friend he cared deeply for you. The Bible tells us Christians will be known by their love. Whether you were one of those loved by Jeremy or had never met him he would want you to know what he knew. God is love. He is with Jesus now and will never again experience the sinister suffering that is a part of life in this realm. Thank you for helping us love and grieve the loss of Jeremy. I love you son.

Jeff Sheriff


So sad to hear the news, can't imagine your pain, praying for His peace and love to embrace you and give you strength at this difficult time.
Henry and Lilian Haeger

Lilian Haeger


There are just no words. I'm so devastated that this world will be without such a beautiful soul. God be with you all as you begin this journey. I'm so sorry you will walk this road.

Debbie Gates shared a video.


I am still in such shock that Jeremy passed away this week. Looking back through photographs makes me miss him so much already. Jeremy was one of the most genuine, kind, and authentic people I’ve ever known. It’s weird to stop and think that we met 20+ years ago. It doesn’t feel like we are that old. I still remember him as he was in elementary school—probably because he was one of those special humans who are unaffected by adulthood—one of those people who still manage to keep some of the magic and beatnik spirit childhood brings that most people only hold for a few seasons. Jeremy was so unique in that way. He was generous and compassionate and sincere every year and every season I knew him. When I got news of his death I went back to a voicemail he’d left me awhile back—the last time I heard from him. He had called to check in on me and asked how my mother and family were. He wished me a happy early birthday and quoted a song lyric from Ray LaMontagne, a musician we both liked. I wish I’d listened more critically to the sound of his voice. I wish now I would’ve taken that call or called him back sooner.
Looking back through photographs and memories, Jeremy had the presence of a writer. He loved poetry, literature, studying different languages, music, and scotch. He wore khakis and Birkenstocks and socks before it was cool. He reminded me a lot of David Foster Wallace or Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was brilliant and quirky and funny. Often he’d say something, some quote from some iconic novel, and he’d have to wait for me to catch up in the conversation, to realize what he meant, but when I did, I was often caught off-guard by how brilliant it was-his observations, his writing, his pattern of speech, it was all uniquely Jeremy and something I’ll miss deeply. If I close my eyes I can see him smiling, his glasses at the bridge of his nose, his bright blue eyes that were equal parts happy and sad. It hurts so much to know someone you cared about was facing demons you couldn’t imagine or relate to, bravely and silently walking through the narrow aisles of pain all while trying to uplift so many around him. While showering his family and niece and nephews with love. While calling old friends just to check in on them. While putting a smile on his face, day in and day out, whether he felt like it or not, to not burden others. Jeremy was an amazing person and I just can’t find the words to express how grateful I am for the years I’ve known him and the memories made along the way.

To his family,
Please know how much he loved you all. He beamed with pride when talking about each of you. I don't know much about what my friends from HS are doing now, much less what their sisters and brothers and parents are up to.. but with Jeremy, all of his friends knew about his two sisters, about his mom, about his dad, and about his niece and nephews, who he adored. You all were truly an extension of him and I thank each of you for sharing him with the world. He was a gem. A uniquely warm and beautiful soul-- a reflection of all of you, I'm sure.

I cannot imagine the pain you are all feeling but please know those seated behind you at the services this weekend will be behind you for years to come, silently rooting for you in your grieving processes, eager to help in any way we can, eager to help carry the burden of his absence.
I am so sorry for your loss. Jeremy was amazing.

-Molly Stewart

Molly Stewart


Lord, even in times of tragedy and great pain, remind us that you are a "Good, Good Father". We need you. May you wrap your loving arms around your children and make your presence and your love very real.

Jenee Ohrvall shared a video.


May this song be a comfort to all of us who mourn Jeremy. Lord remind us that "You are faithful God, forever."

Jenee Ohrvall shared a video.


You will be so missed by your family and by all of us that loved you. Always in our hearts .. we love you!

Debbie Gates shared a video.