Jesse Grant

Born: Montezuma, Ga on 20 June 1928

Passed away: Concord, NC on 25 November 2014

Aged: 86 years

The Story

On November 25th at approximately 7:30 am our father in heaven called one of his soldiers home. His soldier wanted no fanfare. His soldier wanted no crying. His soldier wanted no heavy hearts. This soldier of God was a simple man of simple means. His mission was simple. Love all people the way Christ loved him. This soldier never swayed from his orders. He studied his mission with great joy and intensity. The bible was his weapon and his spirit was his courage. His courage allowed him to stand on the principle of righteousness. Jesse wanted no funeral or memorial in his honor. He always said these events are for the living. He said when his soul departs his body, the body is merely flesh. What I think he would say if he were here is: Grieve not, for I am going to a place where I hope to one day meet you.

Jesse James Grant was the eldest son of John and Eula Mae Grant. Jesse had 5 siblings, Lessie (deceased), Ulysses (Cecil)(deceased), Rudolphus (Rudy), Ann (Ruby) (deceased) and Joe (deceased). He was born in Montezuma, Georgia in 1928. Jesse spent the majority of his childhood in Cusseta, Ga. Jesse was the 1st African American to graduate from Cusseta Industrial High School.

In 1948 along with Cecil and Rudy, Jesse moved to Toledo, Ohio. It was in Toledo, where he met his bride Florence Lily (Sue) Mines. They were married in 1949. Together, Jesse and Sue had 7
children. James, Colonel, Daniel, Maurice, Earl (deceased), Verelyn and Patricia. Over the years, Jesse and Sue had 17 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren and 2 great, great grandchildren.

After 31 years of service, Jesse retired from General Tire Corporation in 1983. He was a Lead Machine Operator for most of his working years. He will truly be missed by all he touched.
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Granddad, I did not know who you and grandma were to me until later in my childhood but from that point on I grew to love you as if I had known you all along. Your loving and caring for me especially with my illness was beyond measure. I too will always treasure those times on the porch on Bronson, as well as the fried pie races, the stories and history lessons. You were a comic as well as a counselor. I can only imagine the conversations you are having with the heavenly hosts. Your memory will forever remain in my heart.

Gwendolyn Wofford


Grandad and two of his grandchildren. The are blessed to have spent time with him. Love you alway Grandad!

Brian Alexander shared a photo.


I remember the times sitting on the porch with you and Mom. I loved the stories you used to tell about growing up in Georgia. You will forever by my Dad.

Mona Grant-Holmes


Those days on Bronson on the porch were the "BEST"

Eulana Wright


Will miss sitting on the porch with our pants leg rolled up. you will be missed Grandad.

Brandon Grant Sr


So blessed to have you apart of my life. Your transition from earth to heaven is reflective of the life you lived. Thank you for the truths of the word of God. Just as Elijah poured into Elisha I promise to keep the mission moving forward with character and integrity. I'll miss you Unc

Eulana Wright