Jimmie Ellett

Born: Falfurias, Tx on 06 July 1959

Passed away: Corpus Christi, Tx on 05 December 2018

Aged: 0 days

Funeral Date: 06 July 2019

Service Details

Jimmie's final resing place will be in his home town of Westbrook, Texas, where he wanted to be along with his father.

Funeral Company

In the care of his family, wife, Teresa and son, Daniel

The Story

Jimmie was born in Falfurias Tx on July 6,1959 to Jerald Wayne Ellett (father), and Darlene Yvon Cowan (mother) and has 3 brothers, Joel Hawk,Larry Ellett,Richard Gilmore, and one sister, Ida Cowan. He was raised in Westbrook, mostly with his grand parents. He graduated from high school at Jetson High in Live Oak, San Antonio area. He began his career in the oilfield in West Texas. At the age of 21 he married Teresa Lynn Rogers (wife of 38 years) and had one son ( Daniel Wayne Ellett). His family was always his top priority and he worked hard to support them always. A major back injury led to a career change and relocation in the late 80's. He moved to Corpus Christi,Texas and became very successful in the tire and Auto industry. He was well respected and liked by people from all over.
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Rest in Peace my Sweet Love.

I carry you with me in my heart and memories and I cherish every moment of your life that you shared with me forever and always.

Teresa Ellett


Teresa Ellett