Kathy Broda Romero

Born: Norfolk on 30 July 1946

Passed away: Palo Alto on 04 March 2020

Aged: 73 years

Funeral Date: 30 July 2020

Service Details

*** Hello everyone due to the uncertainty of planning due to the Coronavirus outbreak Paula and I have not posted details for Mom’s service. Below are the dates we are hoping for for those who would like to save the dates. We wish for everyone to stay healthy and thank you all for your support and prayers.

We will start with a Celebration of Mom’s Beautiful Life
Tuesday May 26
San Jose, California

Mom’s wishes are to be laid to rest in the Broda Family plot with her parents, two brothers and many other of our beloved relatives. She also requested artificial flowers to be replaced every May. That’s Mom always being practical and as for May besides Mother’s Day it’s also her Mother’s birthday. We will have the graveside service on Mom’s birthday July 30th.

Until we are able to gather please leave your prayers, messages, photos and songs below.

Funeral Company

Olive Branch Cemetery, Portsmouth VA
Light a Candle

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Kathy was so good to me when I spent the summer in California. My only regret is losing contact when things changed. My biggest happiness is our reconnection through Facebook these past few years. Please let us know where the service is for her birthday. If it's in the midwest we may be able to make it. Love your cousin!

Tammy Cruz


Mom would want Kathy to have this song. It was dear to her and us.

Tammy Cruz shared a video.