Kelly Kay Goodman

Born: McCook, Nebraska on 15 March 1966

Passed away: Fresno, California on 06 May 2020

Aged: 54 years

Service Details

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Kelly Kay Goodman, who succumbed to a heart condition and passed away peacefully in her sleep on May 6, 2020. Kelly is survived by her father Marvin and her three beloved cats Tisha, Ripley, and Sugar.

Due to the 2020 pandemic we are sadly unable to host a public gathering. In place of a public service Kelly’s family has approved of this online memorial as a gathering place for friends and family near and far to share our memories and say our farewells.

The Story

Kelly Kay Goodman was born on March 15, 1966 in McCook, Nebraska, and attended high school in Wilcox Nebraska where she made many childhood friends. Shortly after graduating from Wilcox High School in 1984 Kelly swept away to California to marry her sweetheart Stephen Kent Goodman. Though Kelly and Stephen were later divorced they remained life partners and close friends until Stephen’s passing in 2018. Kelly and Stephen adventured through many music projects and several home businesses together venturing into the fields of advertising, and publishing. Not only was Kelly a savvy businesswoman, but she was also an avid writer. As a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Kelly wrote empowering articles providing insightful social and political commentary, and contributed her written work to aid the field of medicine and health sciences when she collaborated with Esther D. Rothblum, PhD, and Laura S. Brown PhD, to produce two publications of an enlightening feminist therapy textbook discussing weight prejudice. Kelly was a strong willed and positive person who used her many talents to offer support to worthy causes, and to lend strength when needed to the family and friends she loved deeply. She had a big heart and a cheerful disposition, and was a great lover of animals. She always had a soft spot for rats (or "ratties" as Kelly would call them) and over the course of her life enjoyed the company of many lovely ratties as her cherished pets. She also deeply loved her cats Tisha, Ripley, Sugar, and the late Cindy whom she looked upon as companions and family. Despite the struggles with mobility that she faced later in life Kelly maintained a highly social lifestyle through a variety of online sites, and made friends easily with all who encountered her both in person and online.
Kelly was a member of the United Methodist Church and the following passage has been selected from her bible:
"No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us." [1 John 4:12]
Kelly lived every day loved by many and showing love for many. For those who knew her Kelly was more than just a friend, she was a place where you finally felt at home.

The love Kelly shared with us lives on in the memories of her that we hold in our hearts. Please feel free to share your memories, stories, and photos of Kelly here on her lasting memorial page.
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