Born: Detroit on 10 December 1948

Passed away: Detroit on 05 December 2012

Aged: 63 years

Funeral Date: 14 December 2014

Service Details

The funeral was held on 12/14/2012 at 9am which was 9 days after he; my Dad LC BROWN JR, had passed.

Funeral Company

James H. Cole Home for Funerals

The Story


The funeral was held on 12/14/2012 at 9am which was 9 days after he; my Dad LC BROWN JR, had passed. The service was at the Winans Family Church in Detroit named; Perfecting Church. I had missed the funeral because it was so early so by the time I got there they were putting your body in the car and heading to the burial. When I got to the burial, everyone had
just arrived in this little room and the person that worked there said a prayer then they closed the casket. I could not believe this was over! No preacher singing outside where there is an open casket. No family surrounding the body outside the burial funeral home. It was the oddest and
strangest funeral I had every experienced! My step-mother was distant no words. She did not even utter any words of comfort. It was as if I was at a stranger and this was not my Dad funeral! The Dad that was there when I was born. The Dad that bought me my first ten-speed. The pink panther bike that was pink, gray and white. The Dad that bought me my first shell toe Adidas shoes. The Dad that bought me my first car. The Dad that took me to my first house party. The Dad that would pick me up from school and head to McDonalds to make me eat. The Dad that took me to my first amusement park. The Dad that I had my first greasy spoon burger with. The Dad that took me to my first boyfriend house. The Dad that picked me up in his little mustang from college with my Grandma in the front seat. My Dad that showed me how to have a good time, to enjoy life and laugh hard. Words can not express what was taken from me by not knowing that you were in the hospital dying until the day that you passed.The thought of me not being there to comfort you and let you know that I love you was lost. It has been over a
year and yet I still ask myself, what was the reason of me not being told, you were dying. Why was everyone at the hospital but me. Was it because of the insurance money? The root of all evil which is money. How selfish and cruel of another person to deny me the right to see you over money. How selfish and cruel of your wife to not even invite my family and me to the house you paid me when I came into town for your funeral. How selfish and cruel to not even have your wife to give me even a picture hat or any type of Memorabilia of you or that belonged to you. How unloving and unchristian I was treated by the person you said vows to. I would have rushed to your side if I had known that she was treating you that cruel. I would have never let her bath you in cold water and push you down the stairs. You said you were trick and I think that happened because you were rebounding after your 3rd divorce. You had just divorced the wicked witch from the east to marry the wicked wicked from the west. Four marriages and you still died disappointed. I never knew you had Metastatic prostate cancer. The thought of how you suffered is hard for me to bear. You may have not always been there for me and I know I have moved to a thousand cities since leaving the nest at age 21. However love bears the ills of others and hopes for the good in others. I allowed you space when you had issues with your
wife because I did not want to be the cause of the rift between you too but now I see that did not matter. All her talks of being a Christian and then I find out after your death the way she really is and how she felt about me, a servant of my Lord; Jesus Christ. I guess you were trying to pull away from her a long time ago until you found out you had cancer. My Mom had breast cancer and she beat it, so I naturally thought that you would beat it, but you did not disclose that your cancer was advanced so there was a chance of you dying. Where you in denial? I know
you said you would live forever and I thought that you would too. I guess we were both in denial. How can a soul be replaced by cars and money? How can a human being be more than a dollar sign? Although I was miles away, I would have lost my job just to see you one last time. I guess that was me and by big mouth by announcing that I was coming to see you that Christmas. However, you did not know, I was going to surprise you for your birthday on December 10th. That was just 5 days away from your passing! I was waiting to see the look on your first when you looked at your first grandson. I call him Jr and every time I say my son's name, I think of the Browns calling you and saying," Jr"! You will be missed L. I am quite sure my other 3 brothers are missing you too. I'm also quite sure that you are in heaven with my other 2 brothers. I never had another sister to share the Daddy's little girl syndrome. Being the only girl might have gotten me more presents however I know you loved all your kids just the same. It reminds me of a story, Jesus told in the bible about workers being mad because they started
early in the day and the others workers started at the end of the day, however they all received the same wages. You had many kids, so I am quite sure you loved the latter ones and the first ones just the same. I'm also quite sure that you would want them all to have some thing and not just one. You were young when you started having kids, but you obviously did the right thing and married the mothers. You were already divorced with two kids when you and my mom got married in March 1976. Just 9 months after I was born and you got married in Ohio. My mother and you were the same age as me and my husband when we got married. I know that there was some old secrets hidden in your life and you had a secretive side but you were good to me and good to your family and friends. No one can be perfect and no one should hold you guilty to anything that you did. You are now free from sin and guilt. Your soul is now free. What the Lord want me to have, I will have. You do not have to try to force it. You are not living this life now, so it is not for you to worry about me. The Lord has his protection on me and I wrote a book to tell my story. Thank you for loving me and Thank you for being my Dad! That is worth more than an insurance claim:)

Love Your Only Daughter Kimberly-Brown-Rhodes-Parker
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