Leela Kvesic

Born: Mississauga on 27 August 1969

Passed away: Brampton on 29 June 2020

Aged: 50 years

Service Details

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The Story

Leela (Ljiljana) Helena Kvesic has been a bright light in the lives of many. As an educator, her genuine love and care for her students not only helped prepare them for their careers, but also nurtured them into becoming good people that we could all be proud of.

Leela's smile and positivity were infectious to everyone lucky enough to cross paths with her. Her love for people was evidenced by her desire to make people feel special, and good about themselves. Her love also extended to animals, as she adopted several cats and dogs who also felt equally special.

As a sports fanatic, she emphatically supported every Toronto team, especially her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, through the good and the bad, with or without having a chance to win a Stanley Cup. Leela also enjoyed playing sports such as volleyball, hockey (as a goalie) and soccer, which she also enjoyed coaching at the schools where she taught.

Leela's love of coaching also led her to coaching basketball with the Brampton Minor Basketball Association where she co-coached multiple finalist teams, including one team that won the Championship.

The positive influence she had on the lives she touched is the gift that everyone will most treasure from Leela.

Please feel free to share your memories of Leela/Ms. Kvesic, how she has positively impacted your lives.

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I went to junior high with Ms. Kvesic back in the eighties. She had a sparkling personality, and the easiest report card to read ever (straight A's and top of her class). My, how quickly for all of us do the days pass. You will always be in my memory and God bless your soul.

Shihab Zeid

Shihab Abu-Zeid shared a video.


Ms. Kvesic was my grade 4 teacher back at Barondale PS. She was the epitome of a perfect teacher; someone who was kind, altruistic, and someone who was always there for her students. I remember making drawings and writing notes to her, only so I could receive one of her big hugs... she told me that she stuck all of them on her fridge, hence I decided to make her more every single day! Ms. Kvesic had such a sweet soul. She was too good for this world. I love and miss her so, so much. I emailed her, two years back, asking her how she was doing, and promising that I would visit the following year. I should've kept my promise and visited, but I always thought I'd have more time. My condolences to you, and your family. May the love of those around comfort you in the days ahead.  

Deedee Clutch


Ms.Kvesic was the epitome of a perfect teacher. Kind, loving, caring and fun. I didn't have her as a teacher but I used to wish I did all the time. Every time I saw her in the hallways, she had a smile on her face and she was always happy to see her students. She was truly one of a kind. Ms.Kvesic will be sorely missed at Barondale. There is no teacher quite like her.
Her kindness will forever be remembered by her family, friends, coworkers and students.
Thanks for being an amazing person, Ms.Kvesic! We'll miss you!

Zufi khan


Zufi khan


Ms.Kvesic was a light in our world. She had a beautiful smile that was so contagious and a heart filled with love. Ms. Kvesic has taught so many, whom she impacted over the years. She always made our family feel welcomed and continuously made an effort to visit us at our graduations even though years had past since we had last been her students. This kind gesture was not left unnoticed. She was one of a kind and it is truly heartbreaking to see her leave this world so soon. As a family that shared the pleasure of having been taught by her 3 times, Ms. Kvesic’s memory will continue. We love and miss you so much Ms.Kvesic.
Your Kiddos ~ Abi, Kobi, Vasu and Kogulan

Vasu Kirubhakaran


My beautiful friend Leela. I was so lucky to have you as a friend for the past 25 years even if we didn’t see each other often the texts and phone calls meant so much There is nobody in this world who gives better hugs than you do. You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart Till we meet again

Cathy Falagario


When I think of you Leela, I will remember...
The enormous hugs that elicited beaming smiles from all of your nieces and nephews. They love and miss you so much.
The firm squeeze of your hand in the hard times sharing your boundless strength. This strength that too many times, endured pain and came out stronger than before.
Your big laugh that made us smile along even if we didn’t know the punchline.
Your heart, so big and caring for friends, family, students, colleagues, animals and all around you.
As the saying goes, your wings were ready, but our hearts were not. You will be loved and remembered forever. XO

Terri Ruetas


Rohan Sunder Prabakaran Kalaiarasi shared a video.



Your infectious positivity was always there to make even a bad day, an amazing day. You always take a positive stand, and always make sure everyone around you feels special. I remember that day when you told me, "You silly monkey, you better be a good kid in my class next year." I never ended up in your homeroom, but I will always remember the great memories you gave us in your drama classes, and your classroom door was always open, so I'd always come and talk to you, whenever I got a chance. Words can't describe how much everyone misses you, I wish I had kept my promise, and visited when I could, but I always thought I'd have more time, I should've never taken anything for granted. You even came to see all of your Barondale kids, graduating from grade 8, and it was one of the kindest gestures I've seen. I'm a die-hard fan of the Canadiens, but just this one year I really wish the Leafs win the cup, and when they do, I'll be remembering you in my heart. I will forever be your silly monkey. We'll all miss your Ms.Kvesic, rest easy.

Rohan Sunder Prabakaran Kalaiarasi


My dearest Leela. How fortunate was I to have landed the classroom next to yours during my first year at Barondale?! We became fast friends and I'm so grateful. So many moments to cherish, but I fondly recall the time you praised me for introducing my students to Country music, when we spontaneously started singing and dancing to 'Boot Scootin' Boogie' together in front of your kids, who looked on at us with bright smiley eyes and laughed hilariously at our shameless musical outburst. Your silliness was infectious and fun! No more pain. You may dance in the clouds.

Holly Martin dedicated a song.