Leslie Jeanne Stevens

Born: Louisville on 23 September 1954

Passed away: Lawrence on 23 December 2015

Aged: 61 years

Funeral Date: 05 January 2015

Service Details

A memorial service is planned for January 5th at First Christian Church in Lawrence, KS at 6:00 p.m. for those who wish to attend. The website for the church is https://fcclawrence.org.

Funeral Company

Dengel & Sons Morturary

The Story

Leslie Jeanne Stevens was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt and a beloved friend to many. She had a heart of gold, always gave her last dime to those in need and she loved her family to a fault. She leaves behind 3 children: Tino, Katie and Sam and 5 grandchildren: Elias, Evan, Tino III, Ethan and Aurora. She was preceded in death by her soulmate and husband Mike Stevens, her younger sister Naomi Michels, her adoptive parents The Crittendens as well as an adopted brother named Danny. She is to be cremated and her ashes will be with her family.
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Jeanne you were about family all the way. I can remember standing in your kitchen while the kids ran in and out laughing and carefree. You would be cooking something for the next meal while we chit chatted. Someone would stop by or call and want/need something. You'd drop what you were doing to help them. You always handled it with ease. Thank you for your friendship and always making me feel welcomed and loved in your house. You will be missed.

jana wicks


Jeanne was the perfect example of selflessness, a beautiful soul who touched many. The glue that held life together. Without her, life will never be the same. May she rest in peace.

megan harn


Jeff Buckley - A Satisfied Mind

Noelle Bounds shared a video.


Aunt Jeanne was more than an Aunt to me, she was a 2nd mother. She was my sounding board when I needed someone to talk to. She supported me through many of my biggest tribulations and my triumphs. I will always remember her huge heart, the love that she had for her family and her smile that lit up the room. She is severely missed.

Noelle Bounds