Linda Teresa Baker

Born: Cornerbrook, Newfoundland on 01 June 1954

Passed away: Oshawa, Ontario on 17 January 2017

Aged: 62 years

The Story

Linda Teresa Baker was known as many things to many people. She was a Cherished Wife, Mother, Nana, Sister, Daughter, loved one and friend, and someone very special. To family and friends who knew her best, Linda will be remembered as an extraordinary person.

Linda was born on June 1, 1954 at Weslem Memorial Regional Hospital in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. She was the daughter of Peter and Mary Beaton. She was the second to last born of 16 and is the beloved baby girl of the Beaton clan. Linda grew up in Newfoundland and was raised with fifteen siblings, Ann, Marie, Gertrude, Bernadette, Mercedes, Joseph, John, Roland, Joan, Francis, Kevin, Madonna, Andrew, Jean and David. She shared over the years many stories of the highjinks she and her siblings got into under the very watchful eye of the nuns at school. She loved to share stories of her small town community, of running down to the store to grab something for Nanny Beaton, of having the church ladies over and curling their hair, of teenage years sneaking away with Madonna’s coveted new sweater or fun-lovingly staying out beyond curfew.

She also shared with her family many stories and songs of her early years, such as the Isle of Newfoundland and of course, Ise the buy. Her granddaughter Lily was dancing the jig to this song as early as a toddler and second granddaughter Giana still plays the spoons on her knees to this much beloved song in Linda’s family.

As a young girl, Linda had a number of interests. Like most children, she enjoyed playing and making up games. She was curious about the world around her and was often eager to explore it. Linda was an active child who took part in skating, playing beach baseball and hopscotch. She was in Brownies and ballet. They lived by the water so in her spare time she liked swimming and rafting, she also liked berry picking and stilt walking. Linda also enjoyed visiting her elder siblings who had grown and had families of their own. The memories of her childhood growing up in the midst of a large and loving family have always been recalled with a tone of tenderness and simplicity by Linda.

A typical teenager, Linda had a fairly happy high school experience, making that critical transition from adolescence to adulthood. She graduated from Presentation High School in 1972. The teacher she enjoyed learning from the most was Mother Severial. Linda then attended Secretarial College

Always considered a wonderful friend to those she knew, Linda enjoyed a broad group of friends and has several very close friendships during her lifetime, such as with her beloved sisters Joan, Madonna and many others as well as girlfriends Rhonda Pegels, Donna Gowan and Kelly Winacott.

On July 29, 1978 Linda exchanged wedding vows with Len Philip Baker in Belleville, Ontario. The two met, were engaged and married in 7 months. Theirs was love at first sight and a beautiful love that endured through their 38 years of marriage.

Linda was blessed with two children, Amanda and Robert. Another blessing for Linda was the gift of two grandchildren, Liliana and Giana. Linda gave her everything to her two children and then to her two granddaughters. She was the most loving Mother and Nana and was loved so very, very much in return.

Linda enjoyed her career and her colleagues. Showing a strong work ethic, Linda worked diligently and was a valued member of her organization. Prior to retirement the last almost 10 years of Linda's career was spent at Community Care Access Centre. Her colleagues remember Linda fondly.

Linda enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits over the years were bingo and the casino, shopping, spending time and travelling with her family and her grandkids. It was a chance for her to renew and relax, to visit new places or to visit her siblings. He favorite vacation spot was Las Vegas.

When Linda’s retirement finally arrived in 2015, she was well prepared. In retirement, she found new pleasure in lovingly caring for her granddaughters. Even in retirement, Linda continued to stay in touch with her friends and enjoyed many dinner and shopping excursions.

Linda passed away on January 17, 2017, at home, peacefully surround by her family and love. Linda fought a courageous battle against cancer. She is survived by her husband Len, children Robert and Amanda and her husband Pat, granddaughters Liliana and Giana, as well as her many cherished brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and friends. Services were held at the Oshawa Funeral Home Chapel. Linda was laid to rest in Resurrection Cemetery in Whitby, Ontario.

Simply stated, Linda was an exceptional woman, an individual who will for all time be treasured and remembered by her family and friends as being one of the most special people to ever walk this earth, someone who has made an invaluable impact in their lives. Linda leaves behind a legacy of love, grace and kindness and many cherished memories. Everyone whose life she touched will always remember Linda Teresa Baker.
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