Maria von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Born: Bucharest on 08 September 1870

Passed away: Ploiesti on 09 April 1874

Aged: 3 years, 7 months

Service Details

Princess Maria was born in Bucharest as the first Princess of Romania that was also of the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, on 8 September [O.S. 27 August] 1870. After a month, in October [O.S. September] 1870, she was baptised as a Romanian Orthodox at the monastery of Cotroceni (near the site of the present-day Cotroceni Palace). In her family, the young princess was nicknamed "Mariechen" (a possible homage to her parents' German heritage) or "Itty". Everyone who knew Maria described her as a beautiful and precocious young child, as she was said to look at maps and identify different countries for fun at the age of only two and a half. It is said that sometime before she died, Princess Maria told her mother that she would someday like to be able to ride a star.
Maria had no prospect of inheriting her father's throne; the 1866 Constitution limited succession to males.On 5 April [O.S. 24 March] 1874, the Princess became ill with scarlet fever. An epidemic had been ravaging the capital at the time. She was immediately transported to the Peleş Castle. Despite being treated with much care by a doctor named Theodori and many others,the young princess expired on 9 April [O.S. 28 March] 1874 and was buried at the monastery of Cotroceni. At Elisabeth's request, Maria's tombstone read the Bible verse, Luke 8:52:

“ Weep not; she is not dead, but sleepeth.”
The funeral service took place at the Cotroceni Church within the grounds of the Cotroceni Royal Palace. The coffin was covered with white satin, criss-crossed with silver lace ornaments and was as large as one for an adult, because the infant princess' body was enclosed in several decreasing size caskets placed one inside another. After the religious service in the Romanian Orthodox rite, the cortege walked through the palace gardens to the burial place next to the palace church. Those gardens were the favorite playing grounds for the young princess, where only half a dozen days previously she had played with her nurse.

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