Marjorie S. Frank

Born: Manhattan, KS on 19 June 1930

Passed away: Oklahoma City, OK on 31 July 2020

Aged: 90 years

Service Details

Due to COVID, the family wanted to create a website to share memories. Please be sure to watch our video it may be long, but we think you will enjoy it. If you have trouble with video, click the play button in lower right corner - Marjorie Frank Tribute

The Story

In Loving Memory
Marjorie/Mom/Granny Frank
June 28, 1930-July 31, 2020

Survived by
Carolee Frank, Mary Frank, Kathy Frank Fisher (Husband Dave), Jon Frank (Wife Diane)
Mary Sue (Aunt Tootie) Erickson (Husband John), Ron Schmedemann (Wife Marce)
Erin Wiley, Kevin Wiley, Raleigh Fisher, Noah Fisher, Jon Fisher, Anna Fisher Naas, Skylar Frank, Lydia Frank
Great Grandchildren:
Liam, Pax, Otis and Isla Fisher..Adele and Colette Wiley
Numerous Friends too many to mention - A big "shout out" to Joan and Virginia
A special "nod" to our First Responder team: Amy, David & Pat

Education: Manhattan, KS High School Class of 1948, Kansas State University Bachelor of Science Class of 1952, Central State University Master of Education 1971, Draughon School of Business 1973

Marjorie was a volunteer for many organizations. We are certain that the best thing that you can do is volunteer your time and think of her when you volunteer. In her honor, select something that you truly enjoy doing and it will make all the difference in the world.
Organizations where she volunteered:
Friends of the Library, Christmas Connection, Infant Crisis Center, Senior Citizens Center and
many, many more

Top Charities if you want to make a contribution other than your time:

Independence through Grace:
A faith-based enrichment program enhancing the lives of adults with intellectual and
developmental disabilities. - Granddaughter Skylar Frank invites you to visit one of her
favorite activities

Little Free Libraries:
Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading, builds
community, and sparks creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the
Reading was her passion:
Once upon a time in 1930, a girl was born in Manhattan, KS. She had many hobbies (painting, quilting, crafts, acting at the Senior Citizen Center) yet her passion was reading. She attended Kansas State University and obtained a teaching degree and taught school for many years. After teaching, she managed the Geological Library putting her organizational skills, cataloging and teaching to work yet again. She read 3-4 books per month and volunteered at the Oklahoma City Sorting Site – Friends of the Metropolitan Library System to help the community and snag a few extra books along the way. You can almost imagine her as Belle from Beauty and the Beast walking along the street as a small child with her nose stuck in a book.
Her home was purchased in 1969 in Oklahoma City. The trees were small-3 free trees to every home-and the neighborhood had 3-4 children per household. Picture a neighborhood where children played in the streets till their parents flickered the front porch lights signaling their children to come in after the sun set. After almost 50 years, the trees grew tall and cascaded over the street to provide shade. The inhabitants in the neighborhood grew older, the children played indoors on their computers and never were out after dark. Many of the older residents remained in their homes and she knew them well yet was unaware of the newer inhabitants as the homes sold time and time again.
She survived the dust bowl, the great depression, WWII, divorce (4 young children), the Oklahoma City bombing, and a more recent home invasion. Her children worked together to come up with an idea to bring the old and the young together and erase a bad memory that lasted only a day in a way she understood well. We purchased a Little Free Library and it did indeed bring the neighborhood together and more importantly brought them to her. For many years, she sat in her dining room quilting for Infant Crisis Services watching the children come to the LFL and sit on the bench while their parents read to them. Thank you to Friends of the Library Sorting Site for their contributions.
A great way to honor her is through donations to the LFL that gave her an opportunity beyond imagination.

She will be missed yet her legend will live on forever.
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Beautiful tribute. Well done!

Carolee Frank


Love you Mom!

Mary Frank