Born: China Lake on 02 February 1958

Passed away: Powder Springs on 05 August 2015

Aged: 57 years

Funeral Date: 15 August 2015

Service Details

A celebration of Michael will take place on Saturday, August 15th at Due West United Methodist Church, 3956 Due West Rd NW, Marietta, GA 30064

Service at 11am. Visitation at 12pm.

Funeral Company

Carmichael Funeral Home

The Story

Michael McClelland, 57, a beloved and devoted husband and father passed suddenly on August 5, 2015 in Powder Springs, Georgia. He was born in China Lake, California and later moved to Portland, Oregon where he began his loving family and 37 year career with United Parcel Service.

Mike’s life was filled with passion for his family--his positive spirit and humor radiated. Constantly on-the-move, Mike lived his life to the fullest through boating, water skiing, snow skiing, bowling, softball and hunting. And of course we cannot overlook his affinity for corvettes and car shows.

Mike's creative talent and enthusiasm in serving God was present in his many community projects -- from building homes for Habitat for Humanity, to feeding the children, to fundraising events for Adopt-A-Platoon and domestic violence organizations. A natural leader, Mike often was called to serve on many councils and boards for these initiatives.

Mike's legacy will live on through his soul mate, Karen, his beloved children, Zachary, Kalena, and son-in-law Brandon, and his treasured grandchildren, Aysly and Finnian, his parents Robert and Joanne, and extended family both of blood and community.

We are truly blessed to have shared a positive, loving and adventurous life with Michael. Please share your fondest memories below.

Thank you for all the prayers and in lieu of flowers please make donations to his favorite charity to feed the children - STRIVE Entrepreneurs Inc, 48 Henderson Street SW, Marietta , GA , 30064,
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Some of the Mighty Fortress bowling team 2012

Sheryl Hurley shared a photo.


Mike & Karen at Jack's YMCA Volunteer of the year ceremony.

Sheryl Hurley shared a photo.


Jack enjoying a ride in Mike's Corvette.

Sheryl Hurley shared a photo.


I had the pleasure of working with Mike at UPS in Portland. He was always very supportive and took the time to get to know people. His ability to add humor to a situation was often a great release to an otherwise busy and hectic schedule. And of course, there was always that mischievous little grin. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you during this time. May your grief be quickly replaced with loving memories of a Mike. He was truly a wonderful person. Regards, Lorie Policar

Lorie Policar


I am really sorry for the loss of your loved one. It is obvious from his memorial that he positively affected the lives of his family, his friends and his community. The Bible says that God will never forget all the good things that we do. May the God of all comfort help all of you as you cope with your loss. ~ Hebrews 6:10; 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.

Yalondafoster Foster


Mike was a good guy in a great center manager he always took time out in the mornings to speak or talk to everybody no matter how busy it was. On his last remaining days at Microcenter Mike took time out of his busy day to make sure I was always getting the correct knowledge and direction on becoming a supervisor. Mike I will make sure the time and knowledge will not be wasted and I will always strive and pursue to do better.Thank you and God bless

Kevin Anderson


Mikie! Mikie! where do I start? I met Mike sometime around 1980 when he was a part time supervisor at UPS in Portland on the night sort outbound load line. I was a feeder driver at that time and pulled trailers off the night sort. Mike was a fun guy, but took his job very serious. I didn't see Mike much until I was promoted into the air department at Portland (PDX) in 1988 and at that time he became my boss (maybe the best boss in my work history). Besides work relationships we found time to develop a great and lasting personal friendship that lasted to the end of his life. We both loved to water ski which we did as often as we could. We got together as families on several occasions which usually meant going to his cabin on the lake, which was, well more water skiing. Mike was an excellent water skier and always gave it his all (similar to the way he did everything including his career). He loved to cut hard and had some spectacular crashes (I didn't say he was perfect) just tried hard. After Mike and Karen transferred to Atlanta we stayed in touch by phone or text regularly. Mike and Karen had an exceptional marriage and relationship. Mike wanted to do something special for Karen on each decade of marriage. On their 20th Mike and Karen came back to Portland to renew their vows. Mike asked me to be his best man, what an honor that was. Mike was a devout Corvette man and me a serious Mustang guy, you might imagine the interesting conversations that created. He was funny and a quick wit, but I fought hard to hold my own. It was all in good fun. Mike and I had planned to take in a big car show in Pigeon Forge together in September, but that was not to be. His situation progressed way to fast and it became obvious he might not make the car show, so the decision was made to go see him in August. I feel very fortunate to have been able to have some quality time with him the morning of his last day. Yes there was conversation about Corvettes, water skiing and much more. He said "you and John might have to push me around the car show in a wheel chair". He knew the end was not far off, but Mike McClelland the optimist he was said, never give up. Mike was an exceptional person at work and play and so happy I could call him a friend. Mikie, Donna and I will miss you very much. Mike was a Christian and therefor we will see him in Heaven. Good bye my friend.

Dwight Smith


Love you, Daddy.

kalena stull shared a photo.


#1 Ranked Division thanks to Mike's hard work! We couldn't have done it without you!

Jeremy Tatum shared a photo.


Mike was my first manager at UPS when I started as a peak season hire at PDX Gateway. Mike treated everyone with respect, he "walked the talk", and always had an open door. He created more than a UPS team, he created a UPS family with no exclusions. I've lost touch with Mike and Karen over the years but looking at the pictures, especially the one of Karen and Mike in the 90's, brings back so many memories of PDX Gateway and our twilight team from jokes to digging through containers and trailers for the "most important package", to late packages to throw in the belly of the plane, line flights for packages that missed the brown tail, to peak seasons with freezing weather and long long hours. Through it all Mike was always hands on, positive, and gracious. I' think of the PDX family members we've lost, those who have moved on, and those who have stayed and I smile at the memories. We had so many damn good times together at work and outside of work. I'll be with you all in spirit as you celebrate the life of a wonderful family man and friend. May you all be comforted in knowng Mike's legacy lives on in his children and grandchildren as well as memories of all who were privileged to know him. Blessings to all of you from Portland, Oregon. Love, Jessica Onosaki Kelsey

Jessica Onosaki (Kelsey)