Born: Lagos on 24 September 1937

Passed away: Lagos on 14 February 2015

Aged: 77 years

Funeral Date: 13 March 2015

Service Details

Service of Songs: March 11th 2015 at 5pm
Address: 2nd Avenue 24 Rd B close Block 3 Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria.

Wake Keeping: March 12th 2015 at 5pm
Address: 2nd Avenue 24 Rd B close Block 3 Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria.

Funeral Service: March 13th 2015 at 11am
Address: Chapel of Christ our Light University of Lagos Akoka, Lagos Nigeria.

Interment follows immediately after the church service at Atan Cemetery, Lagos Nigeria.

Reception will take place at the reception Hall besides the Chapel.

The Story

This past weekend 2/14/15 would ever remain fresh in our memories, We were shocked beyond words with the news of the passing onto glory of our Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Aunt and Sister Mrs Modupe Ogunbowale Nee Odusanya, Who suddenly without warning, was taken away from us all.

She was a devout Christian, a woman that feared the Lord, a lover of God, a woman of prayer and faith, gentle, peaceful, submissive, full of love, caring, kindhearted, warm, generous and a blessing to a lot of people. She was a loving mother to all, not only to her children and family. She has gone to be with the Lord, resting in the bosom of her creator. Though it hurts a lot, but it was God's time. We feel the pain in our hearts, She will be deeply missed and forever loved.

She was always willing to sacrifice all, even for her Native country Nigeria where she served as a civil servant with the Nigerian Telecommunications for decades, retired and was never paid her Pension until death came calling. Without bitterness but with optimism, The last thing she said to me few days before her death was that she was still hoping that after several years of endlessly filling out countless paperwork over and over as requested by the government in order to get paid her well deserved pension, that one day hopefully she will get paid in her lifetime and I regret that never happened.

Fondly called "SWEETIE" by her sisters and"MAMA ANU" by most, She was married for 54 years until her demise. Her daily activities commenced around 5.30 am when she would get up to pray, among the duties she performed faithfully through most of her life is the role of a nurturer, visiting many family relatives, her compassionate spirit never failed to amaze everyone that came in contact with her, she was a Gem.

She personifies a loving mother, her memories and smiles will live on in our hearts forever. Now that she is gone, Our joy is that she is now resting in the Lord Jesus, till we meet at the feet of Jesus Christ. We all will miss her and would love to give her a memorial and burial she truly deserves, returning some of the love she had warmly shared and spread widely.

Please Join us to pay tribute to our dear mother and share her memories and images while celebrating her Life well lived!!! Please take a minute to register to post your messages, pictures, videos and music

If you would like to be a part of this celebration of Life and want to lend a helping hand in this time of extreme grief, You are welcome to click the "Donate in Memory" Button link on the bottom of the page.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name, Amen.

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Dear Ogunbowale family, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Although I did not know Modupe and I am coming to you as a stranger, I was very moved by your kind words about her. Truly, this was very well written. I felt as though I got a glimps of Modupe's life and more importantly her outstandingly generous character. However, the reason I am writting to you is not only to offer condolences but also to provide comfort from the bible. Death is by far one of the hardest things to cope with. What's interesting to note though, is that in God's original will we were not intended to die (Gen 9:7). God takes no pleasure in us dying nor does he have anything to do with it. However, God does reassure us that there will be a resurrection for those who have passed away. Acts 24:15 reads, "There is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous." and John 5:28,29 reads, "Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out". When I lost my uncle and my grandfather these scriptures made it so real to me that I would in fact see them again. Modupe was obviously loved by so many people and she is not only in all of your memories, but she is in God's memory as well. Although I'm sure you all are hurting, take comfort in knowing Jehovah God promises to do away with death forever and that this pain is only temporary. I wish the best to you both and the rest of your family, and I know Modupe will be delighted to see you all again soon!

sarah smith


satis maharjan


A tribute to Mummy Ogunbowale: When a person passes on, it is an opportunity to reflect on who, what and why they are? She was a Christian woman, a mother in (our)Israel with a strong core value of loving kindness. To us - she was the one who kept in touch wherever she maybe in the world. A practical demonstration of "love thine neighbour as thine self. We believe the reason she was who & why she was is due to her core family values. These values are now passed on to the next generation. We salute you and take up the mantle of your love expression to those around us. Rest in peace till we meet at the Saviour's feet in Paradise. Lara Sobola for the Sobolas at Enfield, UK

Lara Sobola


Mummy it was a shock to hear of your passing !!! I remember seeing u on 1/11/14 at my dads 80th birthday . U and daddy came .all the way ! We will miss u I've know u for over 40 years now and u have always being a loving mother to all of us Anu's friends .u r with God now

Opeoluwa Aremuokulaja


By your fruits you are known. More wind beneath your wings as you rise high into the sky, and as angels of God welcome you. Fear not, your offspring we will be fine, partly due to your good work, and mostly due to love of God. May you celebrate in peace.

olalekan sodeinde


My tribute goes to all the family Mama had lived a very good and exemplary life especially to all her members at MFM DC USA before her demise Mama words cannot express your Godly character and how much you are loved our consolation is that you are in a better place at the bosom of the Lord we love you but God loved you most Mama sleep on until we meet to part no more on the day of resurrection. My sincere sympathy goes to all the. Children especially her beloved husband who also a Dad to us all. Esther Bamtefa Lawanson & Family

Esther Bamtefa


Dear Mama wa , we all miss you. May the Almighty God give the family the strength to bear your loss. Please continue to rest in perfect peace. E sun re ooo....Amen . Dr. Olawunmi Kukoyi-Maiyegun and family

Olawunmi Kukoyi-Maiyegun


Dear Mama wa , we all miss you. May the Almighty God give the family the strength to bear you loss. Please continue to rest in perfect peace. E sun re ooo....Amen . Dr. Olawunmi Kukoyi-Maiyegun and family

Olawunmi Kukoyi-Maiyegun


Dear Yomi and family, Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences. I was just made aware of your mother’s passing via an email. Words may not be able to express the loss or pain you and your family feel. My family will certainly pray that you find comfort in this time of need. The bible assures us at 2 Corinthians 1:3,4 that God will provide the comfort needed. Jesus likened death to sleep in John 11:11-14 when referring to Lazarus, which had been dead for several days until he was resurrected/brought back to life. This is in harmony with the thought found in Ecclesiastes 9:5 which shows the condition of those we have lost to our greatest enemy death. We too can look forward to that same hope mentioned in Acts 24:15, the resurrection. The bible states that we will see our love ones again who have fallen a sleep in death. To paraphrase John 5:28,29, there will be a time for all of those who paid attention to the teachings of the Son of God (Jesus) who was sent by his Father to be resurrected/brought back to life just as Jesus had done in the case of Lazarus. Based upon everything I read, I can tell your dear mother was a devout Christian. There is no doubt that God who has a name (Psalms 83:18) like no other and who is the Most High has your mother in his memory. I look forward to meeting her personally after the resurrection.

Steven Weaver


Mama Ogunbo, e ma sinmi ninu ayo Olugbala. May the good Lord comfort the family you left behind. RIP mama rere