Born: Lagos on 14 January 1964

Passed away: Manchester on 23 July 2015

Aged: 51 years

Funeral Date: 10 August 2015

Service Details

Time: 13.15 P.M

Funeral Service at:
North Chapel
Southern Cemetery
The Lodge
212 Barlow Moor Road
M21 7GL

Telphone: 0161 227 3205

Funeral Company

Kane Funeral Services -

The Story

A man with a difference! Simple, yet complicated, playful but very sensitive. Full of laughter, a prankster, family comic!

Son, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, companion, Olympio was many things to many people.

He had the ability to laugh in the face of pain. He could ridicule tragedy but he was a man of very deep emotions. You would never know the amount of turmoil or even trouble he sometimes faced by his attitude to life. He was always determined to live his best life, eat the best food, dance, sing at every opportunity…..he just didn’t take himself or life that seriously!

Olympio was life and soul of every party, every gathering, and every meeting. His voice was always the loudest, his laughter drowned every other thing. It was a boomerang! The sound of his laughter followed him from room to room.

He was simple, because what you see was what you got! A man without guile and a childlike innocence many took for granted.

He fancied himself a comedian in the 80’s. He was JJ in Good-Times…the American Sitcom. He fancied himself a dancer, he was John Travolta in Saturday night fever. He fancied himself a cartoonist, he would draw cartoon characters, cut them out, created a big box with a candle and presented his own cartoon sketches. He fancied himself a spy and could perfect anyone’s signature, his penmanship was an art form and his hand writing was perfection!

As a child and a young man, he was passionate about his stomach…….he loved food! He had the anointing to make pieces of meat disappear from your food if he suddenly walked past. He claimed it was a talent to eat burning hot slices of dodo right from the fry pan. His mouth was the cooler. He was a great cook, his Egusi soup remains unrivalled in the family.

He had an eye for interior décor that should have made him millions, every home he lived in was a statement in class and understated elegance. He was fiercely jealous and protective for those he loved, he guarded the virtues of all his womenfolk whether they liked it or not…. (they mostly did not).

His early life began in Lagos, where we all lived in a house full of laughter, sometimes tears, and fights but always full of love! He moved to Sweden in the early eighties where he met Maude Holmberg, they got married and were blessed with two beautiful children, Natalie and Vanessa. They remained friends even after their marriage ended and he loved his daughters very dearly. He met and married Rebecca Bassey and they were blessed with the lovely Leona.

He spoke English, Swedish and Yoruba very fluently and remained a pillar in his extended family.

He is survived by a trail of broken hearts, all who loved him will miss him and his laughter. We would never forget that laugh.

Please feel free to share your happy memories and celebrate a man who lived and loved in his own very special way.

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I am still in shock and completely stunned by your death! How do you get over the death of someone you have known your whole life! Words fail me, the pain in my heart is unbearable, my heart is sore and I am stunned into silence! I love you and I will never forget you! May the Almighty God grant you His eternal rest.....Rest In Peace my brother, till we meet again. Your sister, Esther Ogunjobi.

Lola Ogunjobi