Born: Pueblo, Colorado on 10 March 1927

Passed away: Van Nuys, CA on 30 October 2015

Aged: 88 years

Service Details

Due to the small number of family in the area and the extended nature of this illness; there will be no services. Patty will be interred in a Niche near her sister's at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills.

The Story

Patty died peacefully at home after a very extended illness. She was a hard working, stubborn and intense woman who worried and cared for everyone and everything in her life. She was an excellent seamstress in school (Fairfax High School); but not a very good student. She was very popular and liked to dance and go to parties. She loved Frank Sinatra and Clark Gable. She worked at Rexall Drugs, Bank of America and The Broadway over the course of the years; but her main work was always trying to take care of the various members of her family; with or without their cooperation. She was the caretaker for her parents, her husband and her sister through various illnesses and outlived all of them by many many years.

She had a series of dogs during her life that she loved deeply - Amber, Sweetie, Mugs, Butch, Suzie, Ginger, Betsy (her sister's dog that she kept for her). At the end, her companions were her faithful and busy Jack Russell dogs "Dr". Daphne and Zeus. They kept her entertained and were wonderful company for her.

Her primary caretaker for the last many months was Elizabeth (Betsy) Finn, R.N.. She did a remarkable job of doing all of the seemingly impossible tasks that come with nursing someone through the end stages of a disease. She surely was the what Patty had earned with all the care taking she did over the years for others. No one could have asked for more professional or loving care. No family could have asked for better peace of mind and relief after a long illness. Betsy was assisted by our long time family helper, Marlena; who also did a remarkable job of learning nursing skills in quick order to be able to do what needed to be done so we could keep Pat surrounded by familiar faces. We will be forever grateful to the team for what they have done for us.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Clarence Robert (Bob) Koshowsky and her sister, Marylou Rambo Rector. She is survived by her daughter, Ann Jensen and her husband, Daniel; as well as her niece, Marybeth Mascal and Marybeth's family: husband Joe, son Michael, daughter Beth and her husband Kenny and their children: Chloe and Jude.
Thanks to everyone for your support and concern over the years.

Donations may be made to The US Figure Skating Memorial Fund -

Or the Alzheimer's Association (though I have to say - they were NO help AT ALL)
And you can Lobby to get custodial care for victims of this disease covered by Insurance.
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