Paul Soman Puthukkattukaran

Born: THRISSUR on 17 October 1950

Passed away: BANGALORE on 06 September 2015

Aged: 64 years

Funeral Date: 09 September 2015

Service Details

Funeral services will be held on the 9th September 2015 - 3:00pm at St. Thomas Forane Church, Bangalore, India.
For any further details, please contact Gilbert Soman at 919845070406 or Gilroy Soman at 919845697810

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Though I have met Paul Soman Uncle for not more than 2-3 times, my respect for him marks no boundaries!! He was one of the very few people whom I would cherish to have met for the reason of striding though his difficult health-related issues with a broad and ever pleasing smile!! My last meeting with him was this January of 2015 at his residence in Bangalore. While my b’law Mr. Sharath Sunny drove us down to his place, he mentioned uncle was just discharged from hospital the previous day after an episode of serious illness. I was in fact surprised to have met a much younger and bubbly uncle (than my previous meeting) a few minutes later, with no traces of tiredness/illness in him!! He happily greeted us home along with Aunty and we had a small chat. As we left home, I asked my wife Steffy, ‘He doesn’t seem to look sick at all’??!! Her reply was just this… “That is the speciality of Paul Soman uncle”.. and that truly said it all!!! Of all that I have heard, there is no doubt he really was gentle and generous of men. Keeping his life as an example, he has left behind a lesson that living life happily is indeed a struggle, but one should have the determination and will power to move ahead boldly. Time may pass and fade away, but memories of you will surely remain. Heartfelt condolences to all the grieving family members, relatives, colleagues and friends, Arun Mamachan & Family

Arun Xavier


Heartfelt condolences Ginza and family.. We will pray for his soul.. Hope you can make it to India..May the Good Lord strengthen you thru this time .. We will keep you in our prayers..

Binu Sini