Petra Bowers

Aged: 56 years

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Petra Bowers, our beautiful and fun loving mother, danced her way off of this Earth on Thanksgiving Day 2014, Thursday, November 27th. Momma, Mommy, Omi, Petie, Pretz, Petra, PMB, or whatever name you knew her by, was, is, and always will be an unforgettable woman and lit up every room.

Petra is survived by her favorite son, Shawn; her favorite daughter, Michelle (Miki); and her favorite granddaughter, Emerald; along with her little brothers, Roger Jr., Jim, and Jerry Wilson, and her father, Roger Wilson Sr. She was preceded by her mother Margit Ida Wilson. In lieu of flowers, Petra would have loved to support Emerald's college funding.

While her immediate family was small, Petra's amazing friends and co-workers at Industrial Controls Distributors filled a huge part of her life. They are all part of our family, and we are forever grateful to each one of them.

Thank you so much for all of your support!

A private celebration will take place on Sat, January 3, 2015 at 5pm.
Friends, Family, and Co-workers are invited to attend

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Private party will be held on Sat, Jan 3rd. For details: [email protected]
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Petra and I visited many customers together and went to a variety of trade shows, from Atlantic City to NYC. Somehow the day would end at some fabulous restaurant before heading home. Always good company and interesting conversation over a meal, but it was one occasion in NYC that stands out. On 5th Avenue, it was Autumn in NYC, in a small restaurant with large glass windows tucked away in the corner of a building where we could observe all the people walking by; a conversation started about our children and grandchildren. It was a common thread (especially since both our sons are named Shawn ) that made the conversation great and revealed to me even more caring and loving person than I thought I knew. She will be missed by all but most of all her children and family. My prayers and condolences go out to them for peace and happiness in their lives as I know Petra wanted.

Bill Pluta


One of the greatest memories I have of Petra was on occasion when I use to run into her or go over to talk to her she would say "what's for dinner?" If I would say potato pancakes or a quiche she would say make extra and I wont bring lunch in. Needless to say I always brought in the extras. Petra had a heart of gold and was a very strong women who just seemed to love life whether it was good or bad. I had the pleasure of working with her for the past 8 years and she always seemed to know how to make me laugh. She was my pal when it came to Black Liquorice jellybeans... Until we meet again Petra each time I have a shot of Sambuca I will do it in honor of you.

Karen Quast


I've been thinking about a fun story to share about Petra for days now, and the truth of the matter is, I could never just tell one story, but I will tell my favorite..... Petra was my first mentor at Industrial Controls, when I first started I had no clue what a great impact she would be on my life. What started out as a night invited for dinner.... (martini's, bread, olive and cheese - our favorite of course), turned into a lasting friendship, which turned into me pet sitting Logan and Darwin, which then turned into a small fire at my house only to come back to Petra's for the next 5 years of my life. Petra rescued me and gave me a roof over my head. I will never forget how she made me feel when she asked me what color I wanted to paint my room. I was in awe, to me, that meant I really lived there, and I was now a part of her family. I went to bed that night and cried overwhelming tears of love, joy and gratefulness. Thank you Petra, for being a loving mentor, colleague, friend, second mother and for giving me a second family and the very best friend (Miki) I could ever ask for. Your beautiful fun, loving spirit will live on forever. I'm so blessed to have had so many beautiful memories with Petra - the laughs, the white girl dancing, the crying, the family holidays we spent together and all the days working together, I will never forget. I love you dearly and will always keep you close to my heart. Watch over us Angel Petra, and when we get out of line, make sure to put a pep in our step, for you always knew how to enjoy the very best of life. I love you.

Resa Murawski


I met Petra in April of last year when I started at ICD and while I have worked with her for such a short period of time, I so respected the depth of her relationships with our customers, her strength of character in always speaking up for what she believed in, and her fun-loving spirit. I knew her for far too short a time and will miss her dearly.

John Perry


One of my favorite moments occurred shortly after I began working at ICD. As I was getting to know my customers, I reached out to one of the individuals we deal with, and he only agreed to a meeting if I brought Petra with me. This situation says all that needs to be said of Petra. She touched peoples lives. Everyone who has known her, loved her. She has been a dear friend, and a professional I could count on for my entire 10 years at ICD. I will always remember and cherish her smile and laugh, no matter what was going on at ICD or in life. We were all better for having her in our lives. With love and fond memories, -Charlie

Charlie Marlin


To the world's greatest white girl dancer. Love you!

Resa Murawski shared a video.


I do not have a favorite story about Petra but rather a long standing admiration of her. When we worked together at Industrial Controls I was always amazed that no matter how little information I provided, or how many times I changed subjects Petra would always understand exactly what I was speaking about. I could never understand how she did it, but I admired her intelligence and her ability to understand so much in a very short period of time. Besides being intelligent, Petra was always a pleasure to work with, always quick to smile and laugh. Nothing was ever too big of a problem that would take away her fun loving attitude. My prayers go to Miki, Shawn, Emerald and all those who knew and loved her. We miss you Petie! DiBo

DiBo DiBernardo


I have such wonderful memories of a beautiful woman that was in my life for far too short of a time and touched my heart forever. I will miss her free spirit but will treasure her friendship and love always.

nancy Villa