Born: San Antonio on 09 September 1975

Passed away: San Antonio on 16 January 2016

Aged: 40 years

Service Details

There will be no funeral services held. Feel free to register if you would like to share a comment or memory about Phillip. Phillips cremation will take place sometime in Jan of 2016.
Ecclesiastes 12:7King James Version
Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

The Story

Phillip was a very humble person whom often was challenged by obstacles in his life. Despite his appearance to some or life choice decisions Phillips journey was far from easy. He was always there if you needed him the type of guy who would put you first.
Some of the most memorable moments I would describe Phillip were his love for sports. Many people may have only known one side to Phillip, but when you got to know him you would find he loved to watch the Spurs, football, wrestling and listen to music. Fishing was another big thing he loved to do.
Phillip grew up in San Antonio,TX with three other siblings and raised by his father. Phillip was an all around type of guy who enjoyed learning new things. Some might even say he was a Jack of all trades and a master of none. He loved to be part of helping people do things. Phillip was very protective of the ones he loved. Overall he had a meek heart and was trying to find himself and as a witness I knew he believed in God . On many occasions we celebrated and feasted and talked about God. Phillip was a good person to talk with.
Phillip is going to be greatly missed, but yet not forgotten. To my cousin who was like a brother to me I love you and I ask the Most High God to guide you on your way. (R.J.)

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To my cuz phillip. Im gonna miss u...your jokes.u careing..and always protecting me..never forgotten phillip.

Erica Miller


To my Nephew Phillip Valero I will always carry you in my heart.

Aunt Valero


To my cousin Phillip the fun times and stories we had together will be shared through the years. (R.J.)

R.J. Jay