Posey Lester

Born: Panther on 21 December 1947

Passed away: Ann Arbor on 29 December 2015

Aged: 68 years

Service Details

As Posey wished, there will not be a funeral service. Cremation has taken place and his ashes will be spread from a place where he can fly free with the wind. We will celebrate his life at a later date with family, good friends, good music and cheer, just as he enjoyed in life.

The Story

Posey D. Lester, 68, of Marcellus, MI passed away peacefully on December 29, 2015 in Ann Arbor Mercy Hospital after a long battle with Guillain-Barre' Syndrome.

Posey was a born December 21, 1947 in Panther, WV to Audra and Kathleen (Murphy) Lester, and was the oldest of 10 children. He spent his youth in the mountains of WV, much of the time seeking the higher elevations where he felt most free. He learned at an early age how to work hard to earn his way through life. From a bicycle paper route, to building bicycles from scraps in his own basement bicycle shop, to delivering groceries, mowing lawns and helping out anyone who needed a little help, Posey was the go to boy in his home town, and all before he was out of grade school. His family moved to Chicago where he spent his high school years, and his 20's, started a family, and pursued his life long career of being a Master Auto Technician. He had big love for his daughters, Dia, Simone, and Jacqueline, the Chicago blues, dancing, riding his motorcycle, a good genuine Chicago dog, and beer. Finally, Posey moved to Michigan in his 30's where he would spend the rest of life. It is in Michigan where his marriage ended and the 3rd and final chapter began. He met his future life long partner and her son, Sara and Zachary and enjoyed the tranquility of living in the country, golfing, art, music, and of course, beer. He was contented that he did everything he ever wanted to do in life.

Posey was so very much loved by all who knew him and will be dearly missed.
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