Robert Hillman

Aged: 70 years


The Story

This memorial was created in honor of Husband, Father, Grandpa and Coach Robert Hillman of Placentia, California. After battling a debilitating disease for over 15 years, Bob is finally at peace. The Hillman family has always preferred laughter over tears, so with this in mind, we'd love for you to share your favorite memories, condolences, pictures and thoughts with us. We appreciate your kindness and thank you for all of your support.


Sue, Matt, Chris, Sara and their families

P.S. Coach Bob Hillman was a HUGE fan of Coach Bobby Knight. If you have a Hillman sense of humor, please enjoy the video on the right. And, if you don't, as Bob Hillman would have said, "You'll get over it."

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Coach, you taught us young coaches: "teach them to become good people, good students and you just succeeded as a coach." You taught the kids: "details gentlemen, pay attention to details, this game is all about details, just like when you are in the classroom." "Indiana" is what I called my Man-Defense... You taught us that.

Hank Tran


To my dear father-in-law, You once told me never to trust someone who smiles ALL THE TIME. I thought it was odd for you to say that. Then I took a look at everyone who smiled...especially those who smiled too hard, too long, inappropriately. And I knew what you meant. You had a sharp mind and your lessons cut deep. I wish I had more time with you during your coherence and more time with you to make your KAFFFEEEE JENNN! Thank you for giving me such a beautiful husband. He has learned your lessons, Coach. I'll keep an eye on him. Grandpa Bob will always live on for Liam and Mia. We will teach them of you, share you with them, and remind them how much you loved them. I hope you are finally at peace, Bob. Steak dinners, packages of OREO cookies, lots of soda and coffee...just like your (you know)... :) Love you, Jenn

Jennifer Hillman