Born: Tampa Bay on 02 March 1995

Passed away: Tampa Bay on 24 February 2015

Aged: 19 years

Funeral Date: 06 March 2015

Service Details

Friday March 6th, 2015 a service will be held in the memory of our beloved Russell Lee Barker Jr at 10:00am. Service is to be held at the Bay mortuary.

Funeral Company

Bay Mortuary

The Story

Born March 2nd, of 1995 Russell Lee Barker Jr. Son of Crystal M Caldwell, Dwight Caldwell, Brother of ( oldest - youngest) William Haqq (28), Johnathan Johnston (24), Tiffany Barker (21) Randal Williams (20) Jonah Barker (17) Lauren Caldwell (2), and also ason Jeremiah David Lee Barker(3). Russell had a rough life in the start, music and school were his only escapes from his hauntings. Russell attended East High School and Emilly Griffith High School where hegraduated at the age of 16 and to receive a full ride scholarship to Florida State University in Tampa Bay, where he obtained 2 bachelor degrees and one masters degree one of the youngest to succeed . Russell was an amazing person there was not a day that he didn't smile or make others around him smile, young , wise , and very very Talented. Its very sad to see a great person be called home so early you will always be loved Rest in Peace. We will also play to special selections We Are The World by Michael Jackson and Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
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