Sage Dahm

Born: Chicago, Illinois on 02 July 1946

Passed away: Redmond, Washington on 19 September 2016

Aged: 70 years

Funeral Date: 01 July 2017

Service Details

A Celebration of Life will be held July 1st 2017, 2pm at Marymoor Park Redmond, WA under a big white tent with music and celebration. Please contact Rebecca Whitlock for further information 602-510-5355.

The Story

Charles Albert Dahm who also went by Chuck and his chosen name Sage, 70, passed at his home in Redmond, WA after a 21 month battle with cancer. Sage is survived by his current partner of 23 years, Beryl Standley, Redmond, WA and his stepson Craig Standley (Heidi), Maple Valley, WA; and is survived by his previous wife whom he married in 1968 of 16 years, Lois Grumbo (Payson, AZ) and their 9 children; Peter Dahm, Mayer, AZ; Loriel Meyn (Scott), Payson, AZ; Alisha Anderson (Jeff), Phoenix, AZ; Jonathan Dahm, Cary, NC; Albert Dahm (Ericka), Prescott Valley, AZ; James Dahm (Elisa), Phoenix, AZ; Rene’e Dahm (Adam), Chino Valley, AZ; Rebecca Whitlock (Levi), Phoenix, AZ; and Joshua Dahm, Phoenix, AZ.

Charles is also survived by his two brothers, William Charles Von Dahm (Celeste), Chicago, IL; Robert James Dahm (Eileen), Green Valley, AZ; one sister, Mary Alice Dahm, Palos Heights, IL; and his 92 year old Aunt Grace Miner, Cardiff By-The-Sea, CA. He was preceded in death by his parents.

Charles will forever be in the hearts of his grandchildren, Kendra Dahm, Erica Dahm, Justin Dahm, Jonathan Dahm, Alex Holdgarfer, Karra Stefanik (David), D’ven Byers, Taylor Meyn, Ayden Meyn, Samuel Meyn, Adriahna Anderson, Maxwell Anderson, Steven Ryan Hicks, Rose-Marie Anderson, Timothy Dahm, Tanner Dahm, Toren Butler, Dakota Kweiser, Derik Dahm, Christopher Dahm, Axel Dahm, Jacob Dahm, Kristina Kremer (John), Zachary Taghon (Brittney), Dakota Taghon, Chance Taghon, Layton Newberry, Collin Newberry, Zachariah Whitlock, Nicholas Whitlock, Sebastian Dahm, Londen Dahm; his step-grandchildren, Jake Standley and Olivia Standley; his great- grandchildren, Silas Massella, Wyatt Damon, Zion Taghon, Ember Bennett; and his many nieces and nephews.

Charles was born in Chicago July 2, 1946. The son of Mary Alice Stokes-Dahm and Albert Edward Dahm. He graduated from Kelly High School in Chicago and went on to graduate from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (History), then became a Certificated Natural Health Professional and recently completed 4 years of training at Northwest School of Healing in WA. He was a lifelong learner who never satisfied in thirst for knowledge.

Chuck was always curious about life itself, always investigating, and very interested and engaged with people. He was gifted with an outstanding athlete ability from his father and played baseball his whole life. He played in little league as a child, baseball as a teen, and softball for 17 years as an adult. He was always ready to compete on the streets of Chicago at roller hockey, basketball, and touch football. He loved playing chess, ping pong, board games, marbles, many assorted instruments and the harmonica. He was a Boy Scout Master for many years and he taught Outdoor Survival skills for at least 20 years. His enthusiasm for nature was passed onto his children. Two of his boys became Eagle Scouts, and many more of his children and grand children participated in outdoor leadership and skills training. He was a wonderful father who enjoyed telling stories, playing jokes and just spending time with his children. He was a world traveler who greatly enjoyed geology, history, archaeology, and anthropology, “Oh” and the food, he never feared new flavors or cuisines. Fresh was always best but oh how he enjoyed tasting it all.

Chuck has always had an ability to lead and began his career as a middle school teacher who always seemed to captivate an audience with his elaborate style of education. He also dabbled with many careers in his early years such as a insurance agent and a writer. Eventually moving his focus into what was his life passion – natural health. Because of his own health problems in the beginning of his life, he was determined to find natural ways for himself and others to experience optimal health.

Sage in 1995 founded the International Academy of Herb Sciences and became a successful self-employed owner of Alternative Health Remedies in Redmond, WA. He became a licensed massage therapist, a Reiki Healer, an Outdoor Survivalist, a Wilderness Medicine Instructor, a Natural Health Practitioner, a Master Herbalist, and an Iridologist.

Sage worked for over 35 years educating himself and others about how to reorganize one's life enough to do the work that produces great health. Even after he discovered he had cancer, he continued educating himself and others, including his doctors, and wrote extensively about his education and experiences on Caring Bridge. He was fully engaged in being able to write creatively in a way that informed and entertained over 1000 visitors to the site. His hope was that he was able to make a difference in other people’s lives through his description of his journey and his sharing of important health information. The last year of his life, he continued to thrive through his learning, as he focused upon improving his harmonica skills, his creative writing skills, and reconnecting with his loved ones.

“Saying Goodbye” a Caring Bridge Post written by Sage on 3-16-16
“I’ve been saying hello/goodbye for a long time now. The process has changed me. Fears I may have had that my old and new friends and family might have some tough times ahead with me are gone. I have seen honesty, hope, compassion, excitement, excellence, kindness,charity, and all of it, the good stuff, in action. I don’t doubt that all of you are in good hands, your hands. So saying goodbye to you is saying hello again. That doesn’t mean loss is misplaced so it can’t hurt should that come to pass. It means that we, all of us are alright just as we are. Ginny is big on saying that cancer is tough and Sage is tougher. I agree and am greatly moved to add that friends and families are the toughest strengths of all. I am in tears as I write this. I am so happy to know the glow in each of you because you have kindly allowed me too. Now, as always, let’s do a little dancing. Anyone have some favorite music.

View his full obituary, guest book and service details at Condolences are encouraged to be left on this site.

Sage’s heartfelt wish was to help the less fortunate so his family and loved ones requests donations be made to HOPELINK in Redmond, WA or your nearest homeless shelter and refugees.

Charles (Sage) Albert Dahm’s final resting place will be at the Memorial Wall at Fairmount Memorial Park in Spokane, WA. He recently visited this beautiful spot which overlooks the Spokane River Canyon.

His family expresses their sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Timothy Carlos, Kathy, Cindy, Paul and Erika at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at Evergreen Health and the members of his Metastatic Cancer Group who shared this journey with him.

Small informal gatherings of family and friends in various locations will be happening within the next few months with a Celebration of Sage’s Life occurring July 1st 2017. His family and friends will gather under a big white tent with music and celebration as his wishes declared at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. We will share and remember this great man who will have brought us all together in the joys of life to foster new relationships.
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Bye Sage. Sure enjoyed playing Zenball with you, and even sharing pulled calves.
- Ken

Ken Cowan


Christina Keller (Mandros) shared a photo.


I visited Uncle Chuck in May 2015 in Seattle. We had a three-hour lunch with my best friend, and my son Joshua and Uncle Chuck. It was a highlight of my trip. Always smiling and always a fun man to talk to. He danced with me and Joshua on the sidewalk. My heart Smiles just thinking about it. Miss you and love you Uncle Chuck.
Chrissy, Daryl, Matthew and Joshua

Christina Keller (Mandros)


Saturday's Warriors- Daddy's Nose.
I will always love my "daddy's nose". I don't know who I would be with out it. I love and miss you Daddy.

Rebecca Whitlock shared a video.


Sage was a customer of ours at PCC Natural Markets. He would come in once every couple of weeks, often to have hours-long lunches with his family he clearly cared very much for. He would come up to me while I was working and ask me how I was doing, and I would often reply with how business at the store was either busy or slow, energetic or quiet and relaxing. He would look me in the eye and say, "but how are YOU doing?", putting his hand over his heart or pointing to his head. WIth such small, innocent questions Sage helped me open my mind and heart both inward and outward. Of course, like many things in life, lessons and memories are often learned and remembered in retrospect. For me, there has never been another human being which I've cried such happy tears over in times of mourning and remembrance.
Charles was truly a unique treasure capable of great care and empathetic thought. I continue to celebrate Sage and the memories he left me with.

Greg Marsh


Miss you brother. Bill

Bill von Dahm shared a photo.


It's been a month now since your passing, and I miss you every day. So much. Love always, your sister, Mary Alice

Mary Alice Dahm


I'm happy you're not in pain anymore, but hurt that you didn't say goodbye.

Chey Dahm


From Sage Dahm's Facebook; Favorite Quotes.
"I was moved when I first heard that my childhood hero Davy Crockett was supposed to have said, ""First, be sure you're right then go ahead."" Over the years here is what my inner Davy Crockett has taught me.

1) Every day give yourself a new universal get-out-of-jail card. Because I can't know everything about everything, I give myself a break-out card and be satisfied that I took a shot.

2) Activity is life. Actively seek new experiences. At my best, I choose to be man-handled by life, then learn its lessons and continue on.

3) Believing that I know the finality of a thing is a constant recipe for eating my own words. Life is a dance across the land, not a deed to settle on it.

4) Show up! Hiding my passions, playing down my gifts, and omitting the polite sharing of my understandings doesn't create much value.

5) Give up poliite arrogance. Does it matter? Is it mine to do? And when I find out what matters, do I have the courage to act, to correct myself and continue to be better, not so much for them only, but for me?

If you will, it's your turn. What's your favorite quotation?"

Rebecca Whitlock


Rebecca Whitlock shared a video.