Sarah Smith

Born: Bakersfield on 08 February 1950

Passed away: San Diego on 05 June 2016

Aged: 66 years

Funeral Date: 25 June 2016

Service Details

The funeral and ash ceremony with be held at Sarah's favorite beach location at 10am @ Glorietta Bay Beach right next to the pier.

Funeral Company

Baker and Son's Funeral Company

The Story

Sarah Smith, born in California on a Fall evening in 1950, was always one of the most beautiful women in whatever room she entered. Her physical beauty was surpassed only by her warm, accepting personality and openheartedness. Her laugh was infectious. Quite often, people made her laugh just to hear her famous "cackle." Everyone was welcomed into her world regardless of age, religion, gender, race or sexual orientation. Sarah loved being around a diverse group of people and was always open to new ideas and perspectives. Throughout her long life, she worked hard and played hard. She maintained lifelong friendships with many people from her community, church, and workplaces.

Sarah lived most of her life on the West Coast, first in Portland, Oregon and then in Oakland, California where she raised her son Darius, daughter Norra and eventually adopted Gregory with her loving husband Samuel. Even with a limited formal education, Sarah was successful in her chosen field: cooking. She was a magnificent self-taught cook who could make everything from fine French and hearty British cuisines to the best-ever Southern fried chicken, New Orleans-style gumbo and Italian spaghetti. She was a baker, too, and was well known for her lemon meringue pies, peach cobblers, and banana pudding. She honed her skills as a chef at The Public House in Oakland, and then the Metropole Restaurant in Berkeley where she ruled the kitchen for 20 years.

Georgia Mae was an avid reader and she kept abreast of current events. She loved children, calla lilies, beautiful clothes, dogs, margaritas, brandy, and her own cooking. You knew it was an occasion when she broke out her favorite champagne. She loved shopping flea markets and auctions. One of her favorite sayings upon entering a room was, "Look what you could have if you ain't got nobody."

She was raised in the Baptist Church. In Oakland, she first joined the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, and was later a member of the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church for nearly 20 years. But, she was fascinated by Buddhism and other Eastern religions, too. She was associated with San Diego's Perfect Liberty Church for many years. Sarah enjoyed road trips and social gatherings with members of both churches.

Sarah is survived by her wonderful husband of over 30 years along with her daughter Norra and son Gregory.

Sarah's husband and long-time best friend, Samuel, says of her, "Sarah touched the lives of so many people. I think about her life in Oakland when I first met her and how she's became a woman who cared so deeply about her family and her friends. She was never selfish. She was a beautiful soul who acknowledged people. Thank all of the Gods of the universe for Sarah Smith. She was more than a friend. She was a generous, smart woman who made our lives beautiful."
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Your pain is in my heart.May you find comfort in Revelation21:3,4-“and death will be no more......” .You are in my prayers.

lil rose